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    I'm studying BA Hons education studies at the university of Derby. I 100% want to go into primary school teaching, it's been my goal since a few months into my first year. I'm now in 3rd year and the applications for pgce open soon. I was wondering just how much of a chance do I have of getting into a higher ranked university, such as the university of Nottingham which requires a 2:2. I never really achieved much or even tried in secondary school or a levels so my grades weren't great at all. All my friends ended up in Russell group unis. I had no ambition until about 1/2 year after finishing my a levels and I never dreamt of even going to uni but I guess Derby decided to give me a chance when I finally decided I had to do something with my life. I'd happily apply again to Derby as I'm really enjoying my time at this uni but I want to prove that I can actually get into a top uni.

    I have already met the additional requirements in terms of work experience and gcse grades needed.

    Providing I get a 2:1 and a good reference, what are my chances of getting into somewhere higher up in the league tables. Any advice or experience is appreciated.


    League tables don't mean much. If you meet the entry requirements you'll be fine.

    If you meet the entry requirements you will have as much chance of getting an interview as anyone else. They don't generally look at uni rankings when giving out pgce offers.

    I will also add on that uni ranking for the actual pgce is also of little importance seeing as it's a professional qualification.*
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Updated: October 13, 2016
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