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A-levels upcoming... Watch

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    Hello,I would like to do Medicine at Cambridge/imperial college London later on...
    I am currently at the start of Y11...I am concentrating on my GCSE's but we have to pick our A-level options very soon...(We are allowed to pick 4-6)...

    Is the following suitable for medicine:

    A levels:
    5)Further mathematics

    Are these good?If i were to do 6,what would you recommend as the sixth one...

    Also currently as the START OF Y11 this is what i have done in prep. for Medicine...

    Extra- Curricular - Non medicine Related…
    1)Piano-Grade 1,2,3,4 and doing 5
    2)Drums-Grade 3
    3)Music Theory-Grade 5
    4)DofE-Bronze,doing silver
    5)Table Tennis-County
    Extra- Curricular’s-Medicine Related…
    1)Blogging about Medicine
    2)Medicine courses
    3)Wider Medical Reading…
    Work experience…
    1)4 Months British Heart Foundation
    2)Applying for hospital work experience…
    3)Applying to care home for volunteering

    Is this good?
    What else can i do to improve my chances of being accepted...

    In terms of grade,i am predicted t get 9A*'s and 3 A's in University...IS THIS DECENT?

    Nothing wrong with the A-Levels that you've chosen, but don't take five. The only reason I could see someone taking those five is if they're undecided between doing Medicine and Engineering/Physics; A-Levels are a LOT of work and taking five will eat-up all of your time and result in you getting lower grades than if you just took four (or even three).

    To improve your application, you'll want to get as much work experience as you can. Try to do a long-term placement in a caring environment (e.g. care home) and a shorter clinical one if you can get it (it's hard to do, and medical schools recognise that so won't hold it against you). For medicine, you're much better getting 3As and lots of relevant work experience than getting 5As and none (likewise 3As will meet entry requirements, 2As and 3Bs probably won't).

    Hope that helps!

    Im in med school, and i took chem bio and maths! I think those are best

    why on earth would you do five? uni's want 3-4 A levels, more A levels does not make your application better than other peoples. be human and just do 4, chem,bio,phys, maths. you must be the dumbest person on the planet, how do you not know if those gcse's are good or bad, their A*'s for crying out loud, the highest grade anyone can get.

    Any of the A Levels you have suggested would be suitable for medicine - many people I know are applying to medicine with Biology, Chemistry and Physics and/or Maths. I would not recommend taking five if you can at all help it, universities do not value people with five A Levels over people that have just three. If you really want to, take four. But be aware that A Levels are extremely time consuming, much more so than GCSEs, and so you may be likelier to get higher grades if you take fewer subjects.

    You have loads of extra curriculars both medicine related and not medicine related - that's great! Universities love to see that you're taking initiative outside the classroom with medicine, but they also like to see that you do other stuff as well, like you don't only do medicine, you have other qualities to you too. Work experience with medicine will help you greatly, you've applied for a hospital placement which is great.

    Your predicted grades are fantastic, I'd say you have really good chances of getting where you want to go

    Uni only look for 3 A levels, any more takes away time to revise, get better at the subjects or time for extra curricular
    i suggest only take 3 (bio, chem plus one you like) at most take 4 ( if you do maths and further some unis only count that as one)

    Completely agree with everyone above - I wouldn't recommend taking 5 a levels, let alone six! It's not worth it, even the most prestigious of unis don't want that. Quality over quantity! Good luck

    Do not take six a-levels

    Do 4 a levels if you really want to push it and if you've got loads of time on your hands get a job and a social life like everyone else?

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