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Mathematics Further 9231 questions

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    I'm preparing for Mathematics Further 9231, I'd need some advice for a book that could cover the syllabus.

    Secondly are there any differences between Cambridge A-level and Edexcel? Are they equally difficult?

    I self studied CIE Further Math 9231 (Paper 1 done today! )

    The books I used were:
    Further Pure Mathematics by Brian Gaulter and Mark Gaulter
    A Concise Course in Advanced Level Statistics by Crawshaw and Chambers
    Further Mechanics by Jefferson and Beadsworth

    The Mechanics book wasn't particularly helpful, but the Statistics book covered everything that was required and the Pure Math book covered everything except for some Linear Algebra and a few other topics.

    For the topics that were missing, I used mostly Khan Academy to learn.
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Updated: October 20, 2016
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