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    I'm applying for Modern Languages (French and Linguistics) and I have to submit a piece of work in English, however I don't study any essay subjects that aren't foreign languages.

    1) What sort of themes could my essay take? What sort of thing should I write about- it says anything that interests you, but what sort of things should I be considering? Bear in mind I currently have no literature background at all so I'd struggle to write a literature essay!

    2) Will I be asked about my English piece? I'm expecting to be asked questions in the interview about my personal statement and maybe about my French essay, but considering that the English essay is unlikely to have anything to do with my course, can I expect to not be asked any questions about it?

    Thanks in advance for your help

    Write about something that 1) is relevant to the subject and 2) you have loved to study on your own and gone into greater depth than mere schoolwork. It is an opportunity to show off what you know and how your mind works. And yes, if you are selected for interview, they will talk about it, perhaps for the entire time allotted.

    When applying to Cam, my daughter wrote about her exploration of the Bible as an archaeological resource and her research into the historical Jesus, along with her experience of doing 2 archaeology internships in Israel. It was completely based on her own work and ideas. At interview, they probed very deeply into what she wrote, both to test her knowledge, but more importantly to see how she thought. They pushed her to her absolute limit, she even thought she had blown the interview. The whole thing was a growth experience, which convinced us Cam was the perfect place for her.
    Then, she got an offer.
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Updated: October 13, 2016
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