ACCA after graduation in Science?

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    I'm so confused and excited at the same time for a new turn in my life lol
    I chose science at a Russell group university but I'm not interested in pursuing a career in Science or anything, I was good in the subject but later on, I lost my interest studying it for three years, I guess I didn't have a good relationship with my tutor and lecturers like many other students and that dented my performance . At college I had an internship at UBS where I became interested in banking but at that point I was determined to study Chemistry at university and I don't regret it at all.
    Now you might ask... "should've studied finance or accounting at uni or maybe law", but to be honest Chemistry was my first love since school and I was loyal to it all the way.
    I'm planning to do a Masters in it but I'm more inspired to do ACCA.
    Now getting to the point
    ACCA vs Masters
    ACCA = 3 yrs
    MSc = 1 yr
    ACCA = greater reputation
    MSc = extra addition to BSc
    I'm not sure about the difficulty level of ACCA but have researched that some papers are very very hard to pass like the percentage of people passing one of the papers is 33% at first sit :O
    Getting into investment banking with my degree is possible but I'm limited only to the research side of IB.
    I'm fond of flexibility and adaptation hence why I want to do ACCA.
    Also I'm not sure about the fees apart from the examination, enrolment, books etc.
    MSc is 9k min depending on the uni.

    Just to clarify any concerns
    I've got dine the following A-levels
    Law A
    Chemistry A
    Maths B
    As- Biology b

    Desire for ACCA - 98%
    Desire for MSc. - 50%
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Updated: October 13, 2016
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