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    I've just applied through UCAS, and Durham is down as one of my options however I have left the college choice as undecided for the moment as I am unsure which one to pick?

    - Closeish to the Business School
    - Fairly large college
    - Traditional architecture
    - Mainly formal

    Does anyone have any ideas to which college would suit me?

    go surrey
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    (Original post by Raventtt)
    go surrey
    Whats a surrey

    The closest colleges to Durham Business School are Van Mildert, St Aidan's, and Trevelyan. Having stayed at Van Mildert whilst on a Summer School, I'd say it's about a five minute walk from there. Out of these St Aidan's has the largest number of students, but all three of these colleges- while lovely- have quite modern architecture, so based on your criteria I might suggest St Mary's.
    It's a little further away from the business school (perhaps a 10-15 minute uphill walk), but the architecture is stunning and it's still a lot closer than any college on the Bailey. With the exception of Castle, it's by far the most beautiful college in my humble opinion and has a great view of the Cathedral also.

    Hope this helps
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Updated: October 22, 2016
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