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    I'm from North London and want to study English Literature at university next year. I'm thinking of unis such as Nottingham, Birmingham, Bristol, Sussex and Southampton. The courses look good and it's not particularly a trek to get there (About 1-2ish hours by train/car, slightly more for Bristol). I know people who go to these universities and they say it's quite convenient to get home as and when they need to.

    I'm also thinking of applying further afield, to places such as York and Newcastle, but they're like 3-4ish hours away - is that a lot of time? Is flying cheaper/easier? Or, maybe distance isn't really a deal breaker as students don't come home that often?

    My question here really is, does anyone go to uni far from home? If so, is it a pain to get home, and if yes to that, was it just a small price to pay for the bigger benefits?

    I don't think it's a big deal. It's slightly annoying when you move in/out of halls because you'll probably need a lift from somebody with a car to take all your stuff in and out, and so that car journey will be quite a lot longer from London to Newcastle than to Nottingham, for example. But it's only once or twice a year. And apart from that, just get trains home and back at holidays. Super easy.

    So a mild annoyance, but definitely not a deal breaker for me if I loved the uni.
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    Ofc some people go to Unis far away from home, especially if they are more independent minded, more attracted by the particular uni or thats just where the offer has to be. Its not really that influential unless you wish to be or intend to return home during term time. If its a large distance then iot just makes it more time consuming, more expensive and less practical. Uts a big deal for some and not for others.

    Lol I moved continents for university- I'm sure you'll be fine!

    it is very common for students to got universities that are a considerable distance from their home towns. Really, your classmates with be from all over the UK and many will be international students. Considering you will go home maybe just once a month in the first semester/ year and then much less frequently in your 2nd/3rd year, travelling 2/3/4/5 hours so infrequently isn't such a big deal. You can also buy a 16-24 young persons tran card which gives you a third of rail fares - this will save you a lot of money!!
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Updated: October 16, 2016
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