Help I am a year behind with science!!!

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    I am currently in year 11 and next year I'll be taking my year 10 exam due to the school telling me "I'm not ready" even do I got an A in my mock after the year 10 exam. The thing is I lost all my year 10 notes after I moved to a higher set in spring, and the higher set were taught stuff that my old class used to do in the beginning of year so basically I missed lots of topics and learning . So I was in the classroom learning stuff about things I already knew. Then I decided to get my old notebook of year 10 which has every homework every last part and essential notes and just found out a girl took it home, and that girl is not at school anymore. I told the teacher and ask them to print all topics from year 10 for me to revise but they said something about specifications soo does anyone have a list of all topics for year 10 AQA core science ? I also tried asking the school to order some core science but they won't till spring since their are for the year ten and in the website are much more expensive

    The person who will be best to help you is your teacher or another teacher in the department. They will have access to the best resources for your specification.
    If they aren't willing to help you, then I would go to the head of department or your head of year to explain the situation and they should be able to get you what you need.
    Hope it works out for you.
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Updated: October 20, 2016
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