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    Hello all,

    I'm just wondering if anybody has either studied this course or is currently studying it.

    I'm a 3rd year undergrad at the Uni of Sheffield studying English Literature, and I should come out with a high 2.1 or 1st. I have only done one module focused entirely on theory and my end result was 77. Theory is absolutely my favourite thing and the course at Cambridge sounds like a dream. My other option is to stay on at Sheffield and do their MA in modern and contemporary literature, which is fairly theory based (well, more so than their other MAs).

    So, questions:
    Is it worth focusing specifically on theory alone, or would it be better to focus on a time period of literature?

    Just how competitive is the entrance to this course, really?

    What do the tutors look for in your academic reference?

    My main concern is the proposal. I know which area of theory I am interested in, just not really sure how it works - am I supposed to be applying theoretical ideas to texts or am I just contesting ideas about theory in my dissertation?

    Thank you

    Apologies if I'm not overly helpful as this isn't my area of expertise at all. Generally your academic ref should cover your ability and potential to do high level research and generate new ideas. Are there potential supervisors you're interested in? Their research profiles will give you an idea of how theoretical research works and what is out there at the moment. That may also give you ideas about where you can go with your work and how it will add to the existing knowledge.
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Updated: October 18, 2016
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