I don't think right?

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    Basically new to this forum, but was just wondering if anyone else feels like they don't think like everyone else?

    I'm in my 2nd year studying Photography at Birmingham City University and I passed 1st year with a 2.2 overall, so not terrible but not amazingly well. But since second year as the workload has gone up I've just found myself missing really basic things that don't even occur to me, yet saying and doing things which completely go over everyone's heads, even the creative world seems to have a limit as to how outlandish you can be!

    Anyone else had the same experience?

    Oh my god, YES! YES! YES! A million times yes.

    I really struggled with a piece of English coursework last year because I was thinking about things that made no sense to my teachers, which they marked me down for. It was difficult for me to include all the basic things they wanted me to talk about because I thought it was all too simple for an A*. I felt as though my out of box thinking was hitting the criteria and beyond but clearly it wasn't :-/

    Reading back my work, I really did have some fantastic unique points of view (I really went in deep about structures and attitudes etc etc) in there but I just feel like they didn't spend enough time thinking about my points(probably because it was handed in late also).
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    I'm so glad there's someone else who has it similar! Like I've asked people on my course who seem to 'get it' and someone of them are like 'Oh maybe you just need to ask for help more?', but I book tutorials, I go on the trips, I turn up to all of the lectures, I participate in seminars so it's not like I'm lazy. I'm a dedicated student who just seems to miss big points entirely haha!
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Updated: October 14, 2016
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