I am not a gamer, but this is my opinion of 2017's major releases!

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    Just watched a lot of stuff on YouTube, and I must say, if I was a gamer I would be VERY excited for For Honor, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Nier Automata.

    However, what excites me the most is DETROIT BECOME HUMAN, which looks amazing! Seems to be a pretty unique storyline/concept to create your own path through the game with no 'game over'.

    There also seems to be a lot of hype for The Last Guardian, which seems ok to me, from the trailer, but wasn't in the same league as the others I mentioned above.

    Scalebound was also pretty good in concept, but I think it could get boring pretty quickly. Ditto STEEP, which would be great for fans of skiing, but other people may not have enough time to invest in it, despite its great open world presentation.

    There was also a trailer I watched called DAYS GONE, which looked intense as hell with all those zombies trying to attack the guy. But then I watched another trailer for that game and it was actually pretty lame, so what exactly is the deal with that game, what's it about?

    2017 will be a great year nonetheless for gamers - and I might invest in a PS4 myself!
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Updated: October 14, 2016
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