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What is a relationship ? Watch

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    I used to talk to this girl, not so much now but it made me realise, basically she is part time at my work place as has uni. But I was thinking if we were to hit it off, how would we spend time, since ive finished uni.

    I understand we would meet up for a meal or ice cream, but when would we actually talk like have a nice chat, like when you have the chemistry with each other.

    I mean meeting up once or twice and week and phone calls and text messages is not a proper relationship is it ? You would want to be with each other and watch a movie at home or cuddle up on the sofa, but you wont be able to do that since you dont have your own place.

    At uni it was different you would be with each other often and would know each other very quickly and there was plent of opportunities. But when your working its difficult maintaining a relationship.

    I understand if you both want to be with each other you can make it work, but you need to be dedicated. But when your in a full time job its hard.

    Isnt a dinner date too formal, I mean you want to go out and have a laugh, like at Uni you could do that at your halls or whatever

    What do you think ?

    All relationships are different. If that's all that can be made time for, then you have to decide if you are happy with it and if it's worth it.

    For me, when I wake up the first thing I do is text my boyfriend. And the last thing I do before bed is say good night to him. We talk via text most days, although our schedules often conflict. Even while he's away on vacation right now (a regular occurrence: his family frequently goes on month-long vacations a couple times a year) he goes down to the car every couple of nights to try and get some privacy to call me - and I set an alarm as due to the time difference we can only really talk at 7-9am GMT realistically. And of course that's further limited by the fact at that some days I'll be travelling to college at that time. Related to college, actually, while I slept last night he tracked down some textbooks for me that I had mentioned to him I was struggling to get a hold of. And he helped spread the survey URL in my signature when he woke up before he left the hotel. He's not in education, but he still shows an interest and encourages attendance and proof-reads my work for me. He is (technically) self-employed as a website editor and game tester, so I look over any content he wants a second opinion on. And if a game testing session isn't going well I often call him so he has someone to talk to. We're very much in tune with each other's lives all of the time despite having to rely mostly on text. We've been together over a year and a half, and it's always been this way. While I'd love if I could just physically be with him all of the time it's just not possible right now. But it's absolutely 100% worth it because I love him - and he is the only person I've dated I can honestly say this about.
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    (Original post by sinfonietta)
    Thats nice, but still I would want to cuddle to my potential girlfriend if that was the case. I really like the lovey dovey things like, me lending her my top and her giving me like a hoody with her scent on it.

    I understand what your saying if you want to make it work you can, however in my case I think the girl has drifted apart. Like I said lack of making time was a down side for me.

    In your case its different as you boyfriend goes away. I know what your saying everyones different, and distance doesnt matter.

    Btw with a crush dont you think a dinner date is too formal, you need somewhere where you can have a laugh and mess around.
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Updated: October 14, 2016
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