Is a gap year worth it?

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    Is a gap year worth it? If anyone here has taken a gap year could they tell me how they felt it went and if a gap year sometimes may be more beneficial if you are unsure what to do. Also, you're not one of the oldest in your year at uni are you when you re apply the year after? I'm worried incase I'm the oldest out of everyone next year 😳 Thank you
    as someone who took an unconventional path to uni, ill tell you what i did (of course my experience is just that, mines, wont be the same as everyone else)

    i finished high school at about 17, went to a really highly ranked uni to study english lit. went for about a month and realised it wasnt what i wanted to study, so i left. (im scottish so no fees etc.)

    I already had a part time job in a supermarket, so i continued to work there. however there was a lack of overtime so i basically worked 2 days a week and did nothing the other 5.

    I applied to go to college the next academic year, because i had no idea what i wanted to do, so i picked a course that was more than one subject so i wasnt tied down, i did social sciences.

    one of the subjects was criminology which id never even heard of before. i ended up loving it so much i applied to do it at uni after my college course.

    I finished uni in June this year with a first class degree. my age, 24. did i regret leaving uni the first time and taking a semi-gap year? no. because i ended up choosing a subject i loved, and it meant i didnt waste 4 years studying something else just for the sake of having a degree. plus it meant i went to uni when i was 20, so i had more life experience and was a bit more mature etc.

    all I will say is, PLAN AHEAD. do not get stuck like me working 2 days a week. looking back I should've volunteered or taken up something so that my cv wasnt as blank for that year. however you learn from these things. make sure you do have something to keep you occupied, even if its traveling, otherwise not only will you be bored, but in the future employers will say soo what did you do?

    also dont worry about the age thing... at uni people range from 16 to 80... no one really cares how old you are!
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Updated: October 17, 2016
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