Can't decide what to do (please help)

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    Sorry it is a bit long. I go to school in East London. I am 5 ft 5 inch and I wear glasses with power -7 (thick glasses). I have Asperger's syndrome and Genaralised Anxiety Disorder. I have suffered from breakdowns twice; one in Year 10 and one in Year 12. As a result, my grades suffered. In my GCSEs I achieved A*BCCCCCD. I got Cs in Maths and Double Science. My mum is a doctor and my dad is a civil engineer. I wanted to to Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University so I decided to take a BTEC. However, my mum refused and said that I would do A levels in Economics, Business and Law because that is what I qualified in. I had another breakdown in Year 12. As a result I got EEU in AS levels, and I was allowed to continue only Economics and Law because that is what I qualified in. I am not applying this year as the sixth form teachers are not happy with providing me support. If I ask them to help me apply they become extremely annoyed. I took GCSE maths as a private candidate and achieved a B.

    I have two options. The first option is that I continue studying Economics and Law,and take IGCSE physics via Open College. Then I would apply for a Fast Track Maths and Physics a level course. I intend to achieve A*-B, no matter what. I can study engineering with maths and physics, but if I take that route, I wouldn't be sure what field of engineering I should pursue; mechanical, electrical or civil. I struggled heavily with Physics Coursework in GCSE; I didnt understand the content, I struggled with the practicals, and unhelpful teachers made me feel worthless. I had to retake them to get a B. I know nothing about computer programming, but I can always learn. I am afraid that I will struggle at A level and university. I also get distracted easily.

    The second option is to get As or A*s, apply via Clearing into any university, study Accounting and Finance, and get a 1st. However, accountants wear suits to work. I'v worn suits at weddings and I have been laughed at. I am beginning to find Accounting boring. However, people do Philosophy, Politics and Economics and get a First. If they can do it, I can.

    What should I do?

    What do you actually want to do?
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    Anything which interests me and I can succeed.
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Updated: October 15, 2016
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