Should I talk to her again?

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    2 years ago, I started to talk to this girl who was in my year at high school. We had both been in the same class in primary school, so I knew who she was, but we had never talked before. Before long, we were talking regularly and we were becoming good friends. We hung out outside school a couple of times too. I then at one point feel I got to attached to her, and she noticed because soon after she began to distance herself from me; told me not to message as much. I did as she asked, but she would never message me first, and she sometimes never replied to some messages until I messaged again 2 months later. I blamed myself for the friendship failing and it made me depressed for a while. I decided to confront this girl about how I felt and trying to fix things, but she said I'm over reacting despite me being upset. The confrontation was on Facebook because she couldn't meet me in person, and she never replied to my response, I blocked her. We had both gone to different colleges at this point, so she could never see or talk to me anymore. Although my happiness increased, I still felt guilty at my extreme decision. This was 4 months ago, but tonight she sent me a friend request. I'm sure this is her way of saying she wants to talk to me, but I'm not I should. My guilt is saying talk to her, but I don't know what to do now?

    I'd say talk to her. Guilt is one of the worst feelings and if you don't speak to her you might constantly think "what if"

    I wouldn't talk to her. I've been in this situation myself. Its horrible. Unfortunately, things aren't likely to change, so you'll blame yourself again even though it doesn't seem like it's your fault. I wasted a lot of time trying just to get the same freindship I had with a girl back, it took me a very long time to realise that for me it just wasn't going to happen. I hope it works out for you. Who knows, maybe you will get that friendship back if you do speak to her. Best of luck
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    That's the thing though, I don't trust her and I won't be friends with someone I don't trust. Yet I feel bad about how I ended the friendship, even though I still believe I did the right thing overall. I still thought about my decision in those 4 months and felt guilt for it, but I pushed it away and went on with my life. Now this happens, and I think its immature to refuse to speak to someone over such a matter, and I believe in forgiveness, yet I'm afraid to take the risk and communicate with her.
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Updated: October 15, 2016
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