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    On the run up to mocks and official exams next year, I thought I would start this thread so everyone could share the way they revise. This would really help me and definitely others.
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    (Original post by benharrison01)
    On the run up to mocks and official exams next year, I thought I would start this thread so everyone could share the way they revise. This would really help me and definitely others.
    When you make notes, always go back and look them over so you still remember everything. Once you learn everything in your content do past papers and go over your mistakes and learn the part again.

    I feel in year 11 it comes down to 3 things that you need to identify in order to revise effectively; exam technique, knowledge and application of knowledge.

    If your struggling with exam technique then literally do a ton of past papers over the course of the year and ask you teacher which part of exam technique it is that is letting you down - timing? structure of the answer?

    If it's knowledge then making revision notes, flashcards and posters/mindmaps. Remeber if you have a question ask, alongside year 13's you are the most important year group in the school so teachers should be more than happy if you pester them for the right reasons! (my PE teacher used to get annoyed as I would keep giving him past papers to mark but it worked I gor an A* scoring 72/80 on the final exam!)

    Application of knowledge does kind of link into exam technique. Ask your teacher to help you understand how to apply the knowledge you have to the question - the best way for this is your teacher and the mark scheme! that way you know exactly what the examiner is asking you!

    Hope this helps and best of luck!

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    One of my teachers actually began to base lesson around revision around mock and revision times, if your teachers do this as well, you could do games that revolve around facts and case study information. I found this really helpful for geography and other subjects with long answer questions.

    In terms of independent revision, although I didn't do this with GCSE, I did this with A level and I think this is the primary reason why I was successful in my AS exams. Print off the syllabus and use this as a primary basis or check list for your revision. I wish I'd done this with my GCSE's because it helps you identify gaps in your knowledge and it helps with pre- exam anxiety to know that you've ticked everything off your list.
    I found that past papers only help with exam technique and not so much knowledge and understanding. I think this is particularly true now that they're making exams more difficult they don't want people to be prepared for a particular question, they want you to have the knowledge to understand any question despite the fact they're often poorly worded with a strict mark scheme so it does help to understand what the question is asking (eg the difference between "explain" and "describe" questions) it really takes practice to get the patterns in these questions. To improve knowledge and understanding read textbooks and take notes in lesson ect and then you can make a spider diagram surrounding one topic and continually make these notes more condensed and concise and on to flash cards, theses are really useful for last minute revision when you just want to jog your memory.

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