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    I am an international student and will be completing my Masters in Economics(in Asia).As my current college is relatively unknown so I am planning to apply to the LSE Eme program(1 year).Need advice on future Phd prospects in Economics after the 1 year program.

    Thanks in advance

    With a good masters degree you have a good chance though research experience will help. Your proposal also has to be strong as do your refs so I would start looking for projects early and contacting supervisors. Think about funding as well as it's difficult to come by and highly competitive.
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    Hi alleycat393
    Thanks for your reply.
    If possible could you elaborate a bit on the chances of getting projects and LOR's early on at LSE. Should one start contacting the professors even before the course starts?if yes then is it normal for me to contact the LSE professors now to gain their views on my situation.
    Regarding funding I know it is very difficult however apart from the LSE scholarships I would be applying for other scholarships awarded in my country(India) to pursue higher studies abroad.If you are aware of any other sources please let me know.

    Any advice is welcome.
    Thanks a lot.

    If you are applying for PhDs then you definitely need to contact potential supervisors. The earlier you start the process the better but bear in mind that you need strong references so make sure you know your tutors on your masters course well enough to ask for refs.
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Updated: October 20, 2016
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