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Wheelchair bound women raped by 6 migrants in sweden

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    A wheelchair-bound woman was gang-raped by up to six migrants at a Swedish asylum centre after asking if she could use their toilet, it has been reported.

    The woman, in her 30s, was sharing a taxi home with a man after going in the medieval town of Visby on Sweden's Gotland island when she asked to stop off.

    Her fellow passenger invited her inside before she was brutally set upon in the toilet, her lawyer said.

    The assault sparked anger in the town and extra police were called to the island when an angry mob attacked the asylum centre with rocks.

    The victim's lawyer Staffan Freriksson said the abuse started in the toilet and several other men joined in.

    He added: 'Where they came from we don't know. This was going on for a couple of hours.

    'She got paralysed in this situation and was not able to bring herself to resist physically, other than saying no.'

    He said his client is unable to walk long distances and need a wheelchair. She was eventually able to escape the building.

    Six men aged in their 20s were arrested in the days that followed they were later released.




    the **** that makes me boil...bless her hope she gets through this..

    The world is a mess, and if Trump is elected, an even bigger one

    They had a "sexual emergency", don't worry about it :rolleyes:

    PS: did she have her "don't rape me" wristband on?

    A really tragic case but unfortunately not by any means an isolated one thanks to the Swedish government.

    Find those men and crush their balls with a ****ing rock.

    The [s]innocent[/s][s]innocent[/s][s]innocent[/s][s]innocent[/s][s]innocent[/s][s]innocent[/s][s]innocent[/s]s.
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Updated: October 16, 2016
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