Can you have a social life in second year?

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    Okay so I commute to a London uni, (rent is waaaaay to expensive) so my chances to socialise with others from my course are kinda low. For my first year I only went to one social thing which was my freshers ball and after that I literally joined no societies etc.
    So this year I decided to branch out and be a bit more social. I went on some nature trip thingy and I joined the rugby team (which I am totally in love with). I also have a part-time job in which I only work on Friday and Saturday so I'm happy to say I can balance uni, work and a social life quite well.
    However, I'm from a strict African family and my dad left like 3 years ago so it's just me and my mum (I have a sister who moved out for uni because it's far) so, whenever I tell her that I'm going out on to the club or pub or whatever, we end up having a screaming match. She doesn't like it when I go out because she says that second year is hard and I need to focus. Now I understand that, it's only been like 2 weeks and I feel a little stressed out but I still keep on top of my work because I use every free chance to study so I'm not worried about work. Obviously when exams and coursework start, I'm just going to study but, all I want for her to understand that it's my life and I just want to have reasonable fun.
    Do you think I'm being selfish?

    I don't know much about a social life because that depends on your course but you can still be sociable. Is it too late to join societies at your uni? I suggest joining a few if it's possible. That's your best bet.

    You'll know best whether you are able to juggle your studies and your social commitments. Have you noticed your work slipping? Are you studying for less hours? Are you tired when you get back/ the next day? It's a balancing act and everyone is different. Your studies are the most important thing, but it is also important to maintain a healthy social life and and a healthy balance. All work and no play will exhaust you and diminish your motivation.
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Updated: October 18, 2016
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