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    I really need Your help as I'm really confused with my application form.
    I am studying at sixth form, but I have done my High School in Poland.
    In Poland we have two types of qualification at the end of the school: We get grades for each subject (6 is the highest - I would say 6 is like A* - and 2 is the lowest you can get to pass). I had 17 subjects and I have a grade for each of them (including maths, English, science etc.)
    But we also have final exams for some of the subjects: Polish, history, science, maths and two exams for English - basic and advanced level.

    Which qualification should I put into my Ucas Application? They are both the same important when you apply to college/uni in Poland, but I would say grades are more important than exam results because grades sum up three years of high school.
    I went to career adviser at my college, and he called Ucas but the only thing they said was to put my qualifications as "Other EU" but I dont know which one! And they also said to put the qualifications in Polish, not try to translate them to english, but it doesn't make much sense to me :/ I feel like i should put "Maths" instead of "Matematyka" (which means maths in polish)!

    Please help me because I'm really confused!
    Oh and I have certificate for both qualifications if it matters.

    It's better to write all of your grades as it's a requirement of UCAS to supply all of your achieved grades.
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    Tak tylko nie wiem jak miałabym je wpisać, jak je odróżnić od siebie, szczególnie Że z egzaminów mamy procenty, a nie oceny :/ i właśnie chce je wpisac po angielsku, ale niby dzwonili do ucas i mówili żeby wpisać po polsku - tak jak mam na świadectwie :/
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    (🔼 it's in polish but it's nothing really important 😂😂😂 )

    Do what UCAS says. Call them or message and ask.
    Or just write your grades in exactly how they're written on your certificates and in percentages.

    When he says don't try to translate them, he means don't try to convert your Polish scores to English ones, e.g. don't try to say that a 6 = A*. He does not mean you should use the Polish language in your UCAS application, e.g. don't say matematyka.

    (Original post by yukicookie)
    Myślę że najlepiej jest podać wszystkie oceny. Wtedy nikt się nie przyczepi że coś jest utajnione. I po angielsku.
    (Original post by ancik)
    Tak tylko nie wiem jak miałabym je wpisać, jak je odróżnić od siebie, szczególnie Że z egzaminów mamy procenty, a nie oceny :/ i właśnie chce je wpisac po angielsku, ale niby dzwonili do ucas i mówili żeby wpisać po polsku - tak jak mam na świadectwie :/
    (Original post by yukicookie)
    No to najlepiej robić tak jak UCAS mówi. Zadzwoń do nich albo napisz email i zapytaj. Nazwij je tak jak na certyfikatach i wpisz oceny w procentach.
    Please include English translations when posting in Polish - thanks

    (It's a TSR site requirement)
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Updated: October 17, 2016
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