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I hate my mom Watch

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    She is just rude,ignorant,arrogant and vain. I just hate her I just feel this utter hatred and disgust towards her for quite a long time maybe years. She just cares about looks ,doesn't allow me to pick my own clothes and choses what my haircut will always look like and never allows me to grow my hair long. All she cares about is looks and not intelligence. Im so ashamed of her that she is not well educated because she bunked of school and was not hard working. I hate the fact my real dad is a deadbeat who pays no child support and does not even care about me and i despise him so much and he is not even in my life, and im glad about that but i hate the fact he is my dad, i feel like im half reptile or something because the guy is just so repulsive, i feel because he was so ugly this is the reason why im so ugly and dumb because both my "dad" and mom are not smart or anythign and apparently to some degree your intelligence is due to genetics (read the case study). And i hate the fact when i was younger my mom never signed me up for any music lessons or stuff like that because she was no bothered and i feel like i have no talent even when i was 7 i used to beg her to sign me up to martial arts classes and she never did, i hate her for that and the fact when i had piano lessons she stopped paying for them and sold my keyboard and dashed my dreams. She never helps me with anything and never cares about how i do in school really, and she always shouts shouts at me for no reason. I hate the fact I was born, and thats what i hate most about her that she gave birth to me, because she gave birth to me when she was young. She provokes me and makes me shout and complains when i swear at her when she pushed me to my breaking point, and does everything to provoke me and make me angry and sad. Also when I struggled with depression she never helped me and thought it was a joke and made fun of me when i felt i was transgender, but now i just chose to not identify as any gender due to this lack of acceptance. And I hate her so much. Sorry for my ramble just had to get it out of my system.
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Updated: October 15, 2016
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