What people do to increase their leadership skills?

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    It's taking a little more than a simple google search to find out exactly what activities are available to a 17 year old that involves leading something or people (or I'm not searching accurately). Either way I thought it would still be a good idea to hear what kinds of things other people have done.

    One thing I've thought of is like perhaps in a youth club or something idk , managing a group of children.

    But are there other things (of course there is)... So what other things are there? Anything appreciated.

    Leadership can be a difficult skill to train at your age. Ultimately it's about developing an understanding of people and becoming accustomed to playing an influential role in a team.

    Youth groups would fit - typically a volunteer role will come with more responsibilities than paid work (at least at a lower level). I'd throw in cubs/scouts and cadet organisations - plenty of great opportunities of how not to lead there as well. Given you'll soon be 18 and may or may not be considering a gap year I'll suggest seasonal work too - tour companies etc - Nothing like dealing with Brits on holiday for developing people skills.

    The one that really helped me out early on was sport. I was never interested in football or rugby but show me a chunk of rock and I was off - many sports have low level coaching qualifications - as long as you put in the time to build basic competency you can gain these quals (which are almost purely safety oriented) and lead beginners.

    Do you have any particular objective in mind with this development?

    Sport is a great way to develop leadership skills as a young adult. Not only can you assist in coaching the younger/ less advanced kids but you can also get involved in managing competitions, community events, etc

    I'm also 17 and I found out about a local Scout group and volunteer there on a weekly basis. Any groups like that are pretty good for building up leadership skills.
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