Possibility of transferring next year?

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    Hi, First year student here. I am studying at the University of East Anglia.

    I came here for the course. I enjoy my course immensely but I don't particularly have much to say in terms of positives about my experiences at this university.

    I am not from England (Northern Ireland) and I am finding it too much of a culture shock to be bothered with living here for an extended time period. The people in Southern England are reserved (almost aloof) and that is not something that I am used to, I also find it difficult to know what a person's true intentions are here because they don't make it quite clear. I generally find it quite hard to break into the English culture, I feel that they form cliques groups quickly and stick to their own people. Having Asbergers (although very mild, almost unrecognisable) makes this difficult to deal with.. not knowing a person's true intentions, for example, does not make life easy for me.

    It is also quite expensive living here (I have to contend with paying £100 every six weeks to go home which is not something I would have to pay at home), living costs are higher; the local shop in the university is a rip off, they charge £3.50 for a Fillet Burger as an example - although this can be negated by going to the Tesco Express. One thing that I find irritating is the bus system, while it is fairly good they do not accept cash cards for payment so I have to take out £10 from the ATM machine every time I go on the bus. The Lower fees (£3,500 v £9,000) are something which are definitely enticing me to going back home.

    I live on my own in an apartment which is exceedingly lonely, I don't have much fun living alone - it is not something that I am happy about/nor used to. I can cope with that for a while - just not two more years. Having no one to confide with is depressing.

    Anyway, i'm not enthusiastic about being here - I don't necessarily think that it is the university that is the problem - it is more than likely not a good fit for me.

    I am now looking into the possibility of transferring to either Queen's University/ Ulster in Northern Ireland but I am not sure if that is feasible? The course that I am doing is not available in Northern Ireland but I would be willing to change to a slightly different course in order to have the ability to go home.

    I don't know if this is realistic? How do I go about doing this? Given my circumstances is it likely that Queen's etc would accept me? I think going back to Northern Ireland might make my situation slightly more bearable? I think having Asbergers and dealing with a different sort of culture is not going to work well.

    I'm afraid nobody here can tell you if they'd accept you or not, you need to speak with the university directly. There is a lot of information about the transfer process in this thread: http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/show....php?t=1781424
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Updated: October 16, 2016
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