am I being emotionally abused?

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    So I met this guy on ncs and he seemed really nice so i kinda kept in touch with him along with a few other people from ncs. He wants a relationship between us and continues to ask and i have never really given him a direct answer but i made it clear i don't really want to. For the sake of things let's call him Jake (not his real name)
    Two of his friends have recently told me that they think jake is being emotionally abusive towards me. He has a go at me for talking to other guys, and I'm not allowed to talk to any of his friends or he gets very mad at me. If I do something he doesn't like he pretty much ignores me for a day or two and then calls me and assumes that I'm not mad at him for ignoring me or being mean to me.
    The other day he admitted that he does get mad at me a lot but he said it's because "he is always pissed of cause of sixth form or his mates so he takes **** out on me"
    one of his friends showed me text messages from him saying that he talks to about six other girls as well as me but his friend says jake doesn't treat the other girls the way he treats me. his two friends message me every couple of days to check up on me because of the fact they think jake is being emotionally abusive.
    I need advice on what to do and people tell me to walk away but i don't feel like i can. every time i try to ignore him, he finds a way around it so i end up talking to him agian.

    If what he's doing is making you anxious, low, or any way emotionally and mentally, then yes it is emotional abuse. Try tellin a trustworthy adult like a parent which doesn't always seem like the best idea, but at least they can be there to support you, although hopefully they will actually manage to do something about it. Hope this kinda helped, I'm not very good with this stuff as I've been abused before sexually, mentally and emotionally so still don't even know what to do about it 😂 I found telling my mother helped me through it
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Updated: October 16, 2016
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