IB extended essay: narrowing my question scope

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    I'm doing my EE on social and cultural anthropology, and I want my question to
    look something like this:

    "how can ethnographic studies on X culture in Y culture inform us about how
    non-native English speakers use bilingualism to construct social identity?"

    But so far all my research has been on how bilinguals in general use language
    to shape identity, and I'm having trouble deciding which ethnicity/culture to focus on.

    Should I just pick the one with the most sources on it or the most available data?
    Or should I pick one based on how well it caters to the question?

    Any help is appreciated


    Data I think, as long as you get a few different sources you should be fine. I'm doing the EPQ as well btw but A level not IB.
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Updated: October 16, 2016
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