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Help me decide do I go in a date with her or not??

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    Recently, this girl I used to see has connected with me. She rejected Me last year when I asked her to be my gf. Fast forward a few months and we started seeing eachother again. I got feelings for her again but we were both doing alevels and it ended up her not wanting anything serious. We're at different unis now and have been talking to her everyday for like 2 weeks. We're meant to be going on a date on Thursday and we've facetimed like 3 times since then but today I haven't heard from her and she's been on Snapchat and Facebook. I don't want a relationship with her but it annoys me when she does this like acts real into me then just sometimes doesn't talk at all or seems unenthusiastic. She facetimed me last night at like 2AM for like 20 mins and was good but seems to he ignoring me today? What do I do and should I go through with the date?

    playing hard to get. You popping up to her makes her feel special. she defo talking to move than 1 boy

    Since she's already rejected you previously, I think you should just move on, but you can stay friends with her.

    With all due respect why are you going on a date if you have no interest in a relationship? That's somewhat giving her the wrong impression and doesn't do you any favours. If you're not interested don't send signals that you are.

    You wrote that you don't want a relationship with her.

    Honestly forget her. Think she's just wasting your time.
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    I'm sad now. Always get my hopes up too high
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Updated: October 16, 2016
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