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I can't tell if i'm really ugly or good looking!

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    I just can't tell if I am really ugly or good looking. Just a bit of background info, i'm 20, white, tall and an average face. I'd say I keep getting lots of mixed signals. When I go out to clubs (which isn't very often) I usually don't get any girls approach me. But, the few times that it has happened, they have always been really hot! And, I will see other guys try to get them to go with them but she always says no and stays with me. I've also been told i'm good looking by a few people, my friend has also implied that I am too.

    However, I get pretty much no girls looking at me during the day. I've also been told i'm ugly by some people (however they were people that I hate and a few years ago). I've also had girls ignore me and talk to other people who are of average looks in my opinion. I've also never really had a girlfriend and haven't had sex yet, although I think that is down to my social awkwardness, as i've had about 15 opportunities to do so.

    So how do I figure this out?

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    If you were good looking you'd know by now. Seems you're not a complete minger so stop worrying and capitalise on the opportunities you describe.

    Why do you have to be at the extreme ends of the spectrum? You're probably average, like you said yourself.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    My advice is to just be content with yourself. Ugly or good looking, who gives a ****? As long as you're happy with yourself, then that's all the matters. Once you become content with yourself, you will start to be confident and won't need to seek approval off others based on your looks. Girls will see this and will approach you because they see that you are confident in yourself and are not seeking approval from them.
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Updated: October 16, 2016
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