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Contract Case Review (defective loans)

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm a Spanish lawyer applying for a job with British law firm here in Spain and as such need to study some basics of British law.

    I have attached links to some text I have been studying and have struggled slightly with. If anyone could give some advice on some of the questions being asked it would be much appreciated.

    The questions:

    1. Is the Seller entitled to repurchase the loan? Please justify your response.

    2. Assuing the Seller was entitled to repurchase the loan, would the buyer be entitled to recieve the repurchase price of the loan?

    3. What general course of action would you recomment to your Operations Directior if the Seller refuses to pay the repurchase price of the loan?

    The links:




    Thanks in advance for any help,


    (Original post by AlexDan)
    I'm a Spanish lawyer applying for a job with British law firm here in Spain and as such need to study some basics of British law.
    EDIT: Having looked at the images you linked to, the answers to your questions are almost all in the legal note you have been given. It is simple comprehension. A quick search on Practical Law and/or WestLaw, or the usual site you used for your degree will help.

    If you were indeed applying for a 'job with a British law firm' in Spain, you would be aware there is no such thing as British law. Such firms are not and do not refer to themselves that way.

    Of course, you would have referred to this 'job' as more specific, such as "Advocate" as is the Spanish custom.

    You would also be aware of the requirements of international law - the validity of your qualification as viewed by such firms.

    You will also be minded to the extent of EU law, and the differences with our legal systems (Roman etc).

    Consequently, you are of course reassured that The Student Room is not the place to 'brush up' on your law.

    Indeed, you will, no doubt, have some practitioner texts handy and use them.

    You have also attached links to three files to view, which I shall not open as I do not trust the content.

    As such, your post is suspect and I have reported it.
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Updated: October 16, 2016
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