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Hello, i'm in a huge dilema. Currently i'm in my second year of college - studying Marketing, advertising and PR Management (L3) of-course. But haven't been enjoying the course as much - so decided to look for apprenticeships within Marketing.

After attending countless amounts of interviews, i've finally been offered a position, for a company called Epitomy Solutions - as their Business Developement Representative ...Below is the description:
"Working as part of a dynamic Sales & Marketing team, the successful apprentice will play a key role in promoting Product Information Management services to new clients
They will initiate sales leads through desk research and marketing campaigns
Reporting to the Marketing Manager, they will also help to quote and close sales enquiries."

Anyway, ofcourse they went into more deph during the interview as to what i'd have to learn/do etc - which is a-lot seeing as they're a small company ( 15 employees), so workloads tends to be huge.

Now the problem is my manager & partner both don't feel safe with taking this apprenticeship and leaving college, as they're don't think its worth it. More so with my manager , as we've become quite good friends lately, so we had a very long chat about it - and he believes, i've not thought hard enough about it.

I've pretty much made my mind to go with the apprenticeship - but a part of me is thinking 'what if it doesn't work out'

So guys - what do you think? Is my choice of going for this apprenticeship & ditching college, as-well as University ideal?

sorry for it being so long.
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Don't leave college. Finish of level 3 then do advanced apprenticeship

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