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    Morning all,
    So I'm in my third week of my CS degree and I'm finding it pretty hard so far. I'm massively struggling with the computational modelling (Logic) part the most.The programming is not a massive issue as I'm learning a new language and that will come with time and practice.
    I guess my question is, is anyone else finding it difficult and having doubts about themselves and if they have chose the right course? I really really want this to work but i feel like I'm falling behind already.

    Thanks in advance for any replies Have a good day.

    There is nothing wrong with something that is difficult. What would the point in doing it be if it was easy? What I would say though is that anything mathsy needs to be practised. You can't revise maths like you can history. You have to become proficient at it. It is like learning a musical instrument. So keep chipping away at it and do a little every day. Eventually it will come. It just needs a bit of perseverance.

    Good luck!
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