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    Will living at home with my disabled mother effect my student financial maintenance loan? And will it effect her benefits?

    (Original post by HFowkes0605)
    Will living at home with my disabled mother effect my student financial maintenance loan? And will it effect her benefits?
    You do get less money for living at home, although her being disabled will not make any difference - unless her disability benefits give her a lot of income, and push you into a higher band (you get less loan the more your parents earn).

    Note, if you are going to uni 2017/18, the assessment will be on the tax year 2015/16. If you find you would be eligible for more student loan if you and your mum reduced your benefits and other income, and provided the reduction in household income is more than 15%, you can make the changes immediately and ask to be assessed on the basis of the current tax year 2016/17.

    If you receive carer's allowance, you will lose it (along with, to my knowledge, any other working-age benefits you may be able to claim at present). You cannot claim carer's allowance while in full time education, which means 21 hours or more of study per week. If there's no other family member who can become the carer's allowance claimant, your mum will be eligible for a disability premium which will make up for it in full unless she is not severely disabled, but which may affect her own benefit affairs.

    Assuming that the family pools all its money, it is usually advantageous to have one member receiving carer's allowance rather than a disability premium, if there is actually a carer whose caring responsibilities mean they cannot work more than the permitted income of £110 a week net of payroll deductions, 50% of pension contributions and care costs while at work.

    The main thing student loan income might affect is housing benefit. I'm not sure how these two things will interface together. If you are bringing into the household up to £7,000 a year in student maintenance loan/grant then it will absolutely affect housing benefit if it were in your name, and if your mum wasn't disabled in her name too. I am not too up on housing benefit and the problem is a lot of it is devolved to local authorities, so I don't know if the fact that your mum's disabled would mean she has a disregard on certain types or levels of household income.
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Updated: October 24, 2016
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