Deloitte - change in application after service line questionnaire

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    I got through the stages to 1st interview for risk advisory. However they changed my application to cyber risk, even though I didn't pick this when doing the service line questionnaire. Is this normal?

    Cyber risk is part of risk advisory.
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    (Original post by ohdrama)
    Cyber risk is part of risk advisory.
    I know, but I didn't pick cyber risk when doing the service line questionnaire (to pick which part of risk advisory you want)

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    I see, didn't realise you get to pick a specific part of risk advisory so early on. I've seen this happening with people in tax quite a bit as they seem to shift people around once something else fills up. If you're concerned it may be worth speaking to your recruitment contact to confirm what's going on, but I'm assuming this is due to places filling up in your previously chosen department (which isn't surprising considering applications have been open for a while).

    Hey, it happens, sometimes people don't get their first choice if it's popular - I think that there are a fair few people in the Corporates audit teams who wanted to do FS audit and there are certainly people in FS who didn't get into the particular subgroup they wanted to. Cyber risk is a pretty cool team to be honest.
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Updated: October 20, 2016
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