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Hi, I am currently doing a Practical Assessment which involves the reaction of an unknown group 1 metal to form with water. 2Li + 2H2O -> 2NaOH + H2
It provides questions to answer and I need some assistance, thanks.
1. Why should the reaction be done quickly? [because group 1 metals are highly reactive with moisture and so could react with moisture in the air] (2 marks). Is that enough for 2 marks?

2. Suggest the pH level of the solution in the conical flask after the reaction has taken place, explain your reasoning. [i don't know the pH level, but the metal was lithium. I know it's alkaline, but nothing specific. Help?!] (4 marks)

3. Compare the RAM derived from calculations with the accurate RAM mass of the metal you were given as stated in the periodic table. Discuss reasons for difference in the value. [We got 6.6 while the RAM is 7, human error is probably the cause] Evaluate methods, suggest how the errors effected the results, and outline way in which you could change the experiment. (6 marks).

The marks make me worried as I don't know how much content they expect or where the marks could come from. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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