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    I finished the first year of my degree (BSc in chemistry) in june this year and I didn't enjoy it and tbh I dont really want to go back to it. I didnt find it interesting and to be honest I cant really be assed doing this type of course any more which involves learning and memorization for no particular cause.. that was fine for Alevel, you had to do that but now I feel its a bit pointless and I need to do something that will serve me in real life.. Now ive still not got much idea what else to do degree wise but ppl keep telling me it'd be best to do a couse with a specific job or job area at the end of it you know like construction/medicine/healthcare you get the idea.. I've also heard countless stories of how graduates are having a hard time finding decent jobs out of uni (is this really true?) so I dont really wanna end up struggling in the graduate market. I dont wanna end up in a mundane office job

    What type of subjects are you into?

    Don't just rush into these things. You found Chemistry boring -- and it actually has good employment prospects by the way, R&D in chemical corporations is phenomenally important and chemists are always needed -- and you don't want to do it anymore. Don't take the risk of entering a subject because it is vocational only to find you'll be bored again.

    My advice is that you spend some time figuring out what you truly love. If what you'd absolutely love to learn ends up being a subject that has a lack of vocational aspects, it is very easy to find a degree that incorporates a lot of it to make it more vocational (e.g. people who like biology will head into medicine, people who like physics like the idea of an engineering course, etc.).

    Finally, are you absolutely sure you don't like chemistry? Maybe the second year will provide more a challenge for you.

    Personally, I find chemistry very interesting. It is the science of life, screw biology.

    You know things 99% of people in the world don't know. You know why autumn leaves turn red and why diamond is hard.

    You're numerate, hard working, understand scientific mumbo-jumbo and have problem solving skills.

    The chemical industry in the UK and Ireland is huge, and chemists are always in demand. You have excellent employment opportunities left, right and center.

    And you know how to make TNT =D
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