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    whats the night life like?

    (Original post by sophiejvc)
    whats the night life like?
    Hi there!

    I'm a current student at Essex and I have to say I love the nightlife and social side of things. The nightlife tends to centre around our on campus night club, Sub Zero and the SU Bar. Both are a great night out. We have Milk It in the SU Bar which is a night of karaoke and cheesy tunes and there's something on almost every night of the week in Sub Zero. Sports Fed is on a Wednesday and is a great opportunity to get dressed up if you're part of a sports team and go a social before going to Sub Zero. On Saturdays we usually have a DJ, Zane Lowe was here last year. The SU Bar is always open at night if you don't fancy going clubbing, the quiz on Thursdays gets extremely competitive! Colchester itself does have a club and quite a few nice bars. Twisters is always good if you're into indie music.

    the nightlife is not AMAZING, especially if you're coming from a big city or you're looking to go out more than twice a week. as the above poster said, most Essex students tend to go out on campus to the SU club Sub-Zero, which is by far the best club in Colchester. The town itself only has one proper club and a handful of small bars that play a variety of music. All in all it's not terrible but like I said, if you're looking to go out multiple times a week Essex isn't really that great.
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Updated: November 5, 2016
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