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    If there is anyone able to elaborate on this it would be highly appreciated as I have tried everything I could and there is no clear answer.

    Just like in previous years, I took 6 weeks (from last week of May to the first week of July) off from work (unpaid leave) so I could concentrate on my exams. This was never a problem for student finance, however, this year I was asked for payslips proving my continuous employment throughout the year rather than just 3 months before the start of the academic year, which was the usual procedure back then. When SFE realised this, official letters from my employer were requested regarding the reason why I did not work, which culminated in funding being removed for that period, to which I had to abide since there isn't really anything else you can do, even though I argued that I could have worked if I knew I would have such issues and that my employment was not terminated.

    So the following reasoning becomes relevant now:

    According to the advisers, one must prove continuous employment and be self-sufficient regardless of the SFE loan. That being said, what is the minimum amount I have to work (and/or earn) to be eligible? In addition, what is the periodicity required for work to be done? This means, if I am paid monthly, is a payslip with a total income of £1 or even £100 enough? What if I am paid weekly, can't I even skip one week off from work without having an investigation carried out, followed by a review of my funding?

    I thought the purpose of having a loan was to be able to work less, right?

    Many thanks



    A Migrant Worker is the student, spouse or family member of an EEA National who is working in the UK; or has previously worked in the UK but has been made redundant and is actively seeking employment.

    Any student applying as a migrant worker will be required to provide evidence to show their employment up to the start of the academic year and throughout their course. Evidence will need to be supplied before each term to release payments.

    You must show you are in employment which is effective and genuine and not of a scale which would be considered marginal or infrequent where they would not be able to support themselves financially, meaning you would need to earn enough funds to be able to support yourself financially.

    we will send you a request for evidence before each payment is released.

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    Thanks for your reply but the question was not answered. Let's go through this step by step.

    "employment which is effective and genuine and not of a scale which would be considered marginal or infrequent"

    Does this mean every week? every month? Can I skip a week? two weeks? Who makes this decision? Shall I just cross my fingers and hope the person is having a good day?

    "meaning you would need to earn enough funds to be able to support yourself financially"

    What does this mean? Can I have some numbers please? Does it depend if you are in Scotland or London?

    This seems like a copy/paste answer and exactly the type of answer we are given over the phone...


    Hi Endeavourr

    We do not have specific amounts, the assessors will review all the information provided. You must earn enough funds to be able to support yourself financially i.e. enough to live on if you were not a student and to pay rent/bills/foods etc. They will look at the information and your circumstances.

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    Hi again.

    Thanks for replying, I finally see an honest attempt to an answer here, even though this does not really make a lot of sense. The answer is then yes, cross your fingers and expect the person on the other side to be having a good day.
    This is because being able to support myself financially while studying is simply not possible, given:
    - the type of jobs we have on offer (i.e. minimum wage jobs, casual work, etc)
    - The amount of work one can actually perform before jeopardising academic performance
    - the actual amount of money required to support myself financially while living in London. (a full-time minimum wage job can hardly cover the rent)
    So the sentence "They will look at the information and your circumstances" is the most ambiguous possible reason for eligibility to such status and/or loan and right now I'm not even trying to discuss the rules since there is no point to it but at least I would really like to state that this is just wrong. There is no transparency in the process, the applicant has no clue what is going on and how decisions are made and even worst, has no chance to disagree because he/she does not know how things are decided or what weighs on the decision process. Rules being changed every year does not help and there is also the fact that there isn't really much of a point in disagreeing is there?
    The amount of trouble we go through to provide proof about things to SFE is extensive, and lost/misplaced/overlooked documentation is a somewhat reality. Speaking to the migrant worker team was never possible and the advisors are not always well informed in this topic. Decisions regarding loans are sometimes late and payments are normally released at least 3 weeks after UK colleagues (who take all of this for granted) get theirs. In addition, we are not entitled to 10% of tuition fees (£900!!) back in February like they all get.
    Guess I should be happy to at least being given the chance?
    Anyway, hope the person reviewing my application is having a good day when the time comes!!

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Updated: November 29, 2016
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