NinaZ New car Thread

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    What is your budget?
    Ask my dad......
    What is going to be the main use of the car?
    playing around, maybe 1 long journey every 1 or 2 years but mostly small journeys. But I will use him frequently.
    How many passenger will you usually be carrying?
    How big a boot do you need?
    As I said I don't usually have long don't need so big.
    Specific tasks you will be doing?
    ...playing around?
    Any brands you would prefer? Any brands you hate?
    No Korean/US/French brands.NO.The only one seems ok to me is Tesla but that's expensive.
    Prefer Japanese ones, but I am open to UK and other European brands.

    other<Nissan<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<H onda<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< (Himalaya)<<<<<<<<<<<<Mitsubishi
    What features in the car are important to you?
    Actually if I can choose, I don't like leather seats. But I don't care about that so much.
    Have place for putting a Xperia Compact for navigation.
    Direction indicator in Japanese style(switch at the right) if possible, I mean if possible.
    What gearbox do you want?
    Are aesthetics of the car important?
    Special requirements?
    I don't like the ones with no butt, most of the time. Except if they are very round and cute, a beetle for example.
    The shape of the front lights can be either very sharp(like a lancer) or round.
    Minis should be literally mini.
    What is the minimum fuel consumption you require?
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