Bump on top of my foot

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    This morning i found a giant bump on my foot. It is extremely painful to touch, bend and to move my big toe when it comes to wiggling them. Its the same color as my skin, no rednesw at all.

    Here is a picture of it that i took recently 5 mins ago and currently right now the pain has increased.

    I would also like to mention, I booked an appointment yesterday but they cancel because my doctor left for a emergency and all the other clinics were full. So now i am trying on here.

    I dont know how i got it and what caused it. I was on my knees packing my bag for school this morning when the pain came and it has been hurting since
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    What the heck! That isn't a post that should be on student room!! go to the doctors a bunch of arrogant teenagers can't help u so no point posting here
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    (Original post by YouHaveProblems)
    What the heck! That isn't a post that should be on student room!! go to the doctors a bunch of arrogant teenagers can't help u so no point posting here
    First, that was very disrespectful and rude! Second of all, i tried going to the doctors for the past week and they're always cancelling it! Third, there a reason why we have forums on here, its to help other right? I was askjng a question to something i dont know about my foot in search of someone who mightve had that experience to help me with it. Have you not seen people writing stupid things on Yahoo Answer? If people can write stuff on there without being judged then i basically have the right to ask here of i need help. There are plenty of nice wonderful people on here, obviously i guess you didn't realize it yourself considering you used the word "arrogant"
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Updated: October 18, 2016
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