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    Please read the following facts and discuss the criminal liability of Naveed, Peter, PC Patel or the doctor for the death of Betty.Naveed offered Betty a lift home after a dance. He was feeling angry because Betty had been spreading rumours about him. During the journey he shouted that he was going to break her neck if she continued spreading rumours. In a highly distressed state, Betty jumped from the car, fell to the ground and fractured her left wrist. At that moment, Betty was grabbed by Peter who was fleeing from some police officers. Peter took Betty hostage and dragged her to the end of a long, dark corridor in the flats from where he fired one bullet at the approaching police. Police Constable Patel fired three bullets in response and seriously wounded Betty.The only duty doctor in the hospital to which Betty was taken got ready to see her urgently but unfortunately he was so tired that he fell asleep. She died in the waiting room that night.Discuss the criminal liability of Naveed, Peter, PC Patel or the doctor for the death of Betty.
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Updated: October 18, 2016
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