Didn't recieve supplementary grant in third year?

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    I'm currently a third year student living in private student accommodation and for some strange reason, I haven't been given a supplementary grant this year when I have for the previous two years, meaning that this year I cannot even afford to cover the costs of my rent.
    I did the same things on my application this year as I did the previous two years and nothing in my household income has changed so I'm really confused and worried about it.
    Has anyone else had this problem???

    Did you apply for income assessed?
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    (Original post by Tiger Rag)
    Did you apply for income assessed?
    I just applied for the same thing I have the previous years. My mum sent off her details and whatnot like she has done every year, was I supposed to have applied for income assessed too? This all confuses me so much


    It sounds like you may not have been income assessed yet. As this is account specific, please call us to check on this for you: 0300 100 0607

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Updated: October 28, 2016
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