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    P1: Technologies required for e-Commerce
    Amazon - Amazon is an online store which allows people from around the worldto buy and sell goods. It was originally called Cadabra and was established byJeff Bezos in July 1994. In the UK, Amazon makes a yearly profit of around £250million, and sells about 200 products a second. Amazon is most popularly usedin Canada, the UK, South Africa, Russia, Australia, China and the US.
    Click Here to see Amazon’shomepage.

    eBAY - eBAY is an online store where people can buy and sell goods. It wasfounded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar. Bidding is a large factor on eBay - peoplewanting to buy products can place bids; the customer who places the highest bidwill receive the product. eBay makes around $2.6 billion a year which averagesout at about $7.15 million a day.
    Click Here to see eBay’shomepage.

    Netflix - Netflix was founded in 1997 by Marc Randolph. It allows users to buymovies, TV series, Podcasts etc. As of April 2014 Netflix has just over 40million subscribers (31 million in the US). Netflix has a yearly profit of $3.6billion which averages out at about $9.8 million a day.
    Click Here to see Netflix’shomepage.

    Keyboard - keyboards allow the user to type, using individual keys to inserttext. Keyboards are part of the foundation for the essential components in acomputer system; therefore they are necessary requirements for the hardwareneeded for e-commerce websites.

    Web servers - these are used to host e-Commerce websites. All of the html,JavaScript/ CSS and graphics are stored on the server.
    Small businesses can buy space on a webserver from hosting companies tohost their e-Commerce site. Large companies tend to own their own web servers;unlike small businesses, large companies require more space, therefore they areable to maintain an entire web server to themselves. It is also morecost-effective to have their own web server than to buy space from hostingcompanies.
    Monitor - the monitor is also an essential component for a computer system;therefore it is also required for an e-Commerce website.
    The monitor displays pre-processed data such as text, graphics, coloursand shades which humans can understand. The monitor is needed for users to beable to look at websites, documents, images etc.

    Mouse - alongside keyboards, mouses are also essential components requiredfor e-Commerce websites. The user can use the mouse to control the pointerdisplayed on the monitor. By moving the mouse, the user is able to navigate.Clicking allows the user to select links, applications, folders etc. to accessdifferent areas. Most mouses also have scroll wheels; this allows the user toscroll up and down on a page. Scroll wheels can also be used to open new tabs.

    Server software - there are lots of server software applicationse.g. “Apache HTTP Server” and “Internet Information Services (IIS)” - thesecome with modern versions of the Operating System, which can be very useful forusers who need to keep up with the latest software applications. Software suchas File Transfer Protocol (FTP) makes it easier and quicker for web pages to beuploaded to the web. This is especially useful for large companies who areunder pressure to get things done quickly - they can’t afford for basic thingssuch as uploading web pages to take too much time; so FTP is very useful tothem.

    Web browser - most operating systems have pre-installed Web browsers e.g. Apple’sWeb browser is Safari and Windows uses Internet Explorer.
    Web browsers convert data into visual web pages which humans can use.Most browsers store viewed web pages (generally commonly used web pages) in acache - this allows for the pages to be loaded quicker if they are viewedagain. Browsers also have short term cache memory for users wanting to clickback and forth onto the same web page - this saves a lot of time in the shortterm. Browsers also store regularly used web pages in the long term cachememory - this means that users can visit the same page on different occasionsand the page will still load quickly as it is loaded directly from the cache.Pages stored in the “favourites” or “bookmarks” section can also be loadedquickly as the OS automatically assumes that these pages are commonly used.
    Protocols - protocols are used to transfer data across a network. It is essentialfor computers to use the correct protocols in order for them to understand thedata. It is also essential that computers use the same protocols for the samenetworks, otherwise they will not be able to relate to one-another and the datawill usually be corrupted. Computers are given IP addresses to understand whichprotocols to use - this allows for the data to be transferred to the correctlocation.
    They also provide a connection for programs e.g. web browsers tocommunicate and to link with one-another. A protocol is used for the base of anaddress for example, TCP/IP (Transfer Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol).This is the basic protocol or communication language used on the Internet. Whenyou set up the Internet on your computer, a copy of TCP/IP is provided. TCP/IPcontrols the assembling of files into small data groups. This makes sure thateach data group is transmitted to its correct location as efficiently aspossible.

    Ports - ports are used to connect networks together. They are like gatewayswhich can be opened and closed; each port has its own identification code -this allows for them to be identified so they are used in the right place.There are lots of default ports e.g. Port 80 is used for the internet and Port25 is mainly used for emails. Default ports like these are usually locked toprevent hackers.
    Ports can also be interfaces, connecting computers with peripherals.They are usually specialised for multiple devices e.g. most ports have a USBconnection as it is a very common connection method. However, ports do not haveto be connected physically - most ports can connect to devices via a wirelessnetwork; they work in sync with protocols to transfer data across a network.

    Internet Speed and Connection
    Connection speed can affect the website’s processing speed; thereforehow quickly people can use and view it. If a user has bad internet connectionthen it is quite common for web pages to become unresponsive. Depending on howbad the connection is, it can sometimes cause the entire computer system tocrash.
    Internet access can be obtained by using the dial-up service. Thedial-up service allows the user to connect with an ISP through telephone lines.This service was widely used in the ‘90s and early ‘00s, however is nowregarded to be outdated.

    Domain Names and Registration
    A domain name is a public IP address of a website, which allows users tovisibly see what part of a website they are on. Domain names can have differentextensions depending on what type of site they are. For example: “com” is themost commonly used extension - it can be used for most types of website and canbe used all around the world. “.co.uk” is similar to .com, however is mostcommonly used in the UK.
    Domain name registrars are generally organisations which controlreservations of domain names on the Internet. The registrars manage thesein-line with the default guidelines for each domain name.
    Registrars can often be Internet Service Providers (ISPs), thereforethey can utilise on both a wide scale and on a small scale.

    Programming is usually done on design software as it reduces the need todirectly use the raw web language i.e. HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which makes iteasier for programmers to edit web pages
    HTML is the most basic form of coding. It is arranged in scriptscontaining vast sets of tags which are used for different things e.g. “body”tags are used for text.
    CSS uses “artificial” tags - these are quicker and easier to use. Forexample, an artificial $GLOBAL_AHEADER$ tag will form the foundation of a HTMLscript.
    JavaScript is generally used for graphics e.g. images and videos.JavaScript can only be incorporated once the foundations have been set by theHTML script.

    The World Wide Web Consortium is a community made up of organisationsand members of the public who try to develop web standards. Specifications areused by the W3C to promote standards for the advancement of the Web, forexample:
    “Abstract” - this defines the use of HTML (HyperText Markup Language); this isthe core language for internet functionality. This specification makes clearercriteria for internet users in order to improve the organisation of the Web.
    “Status of This Document” - this defines the statuses of documents atthe time of their publication. The W3C has technical reports defining eachsection of this specification to make it as clear as possible.
    P2: Impact of e-Commerce on organisations

    “Spark & Co” is a small business located in Paignton which sells arange of the latest fashion clothing. It is starting its own e-Commerce websitebecause of the current limitations with having a store e.g. not enough trade,inconvenient opening & closing times etc. There are lots of advantages anddisadvantages to be considered when starting up a website for a business e.g.running costs will be much cheaper opposed to a store. On the other hand, thereare no delivery costs required with a store whereas there are online.

    Customers not able to see products - a problem with online stores isthat customers are not able to see the actual product; they are limited to justimages, whereas with a high street store customers are able to view and trythem.
    One way we could resolve this issue would be to have 3-D images of ourproducts where customers can view the product from all angles. Recently, lotsof online stores such as ASOS and JD Sport have been using this technique andit is reviewed very highly by their customers.
    Another way we could resolve this issue would be to include verydetailed product descriptions informing customers of things such as dimensionsand weight.

    Customers unsure to trust the website - often customers may feel unsurewhether or not to trust a website, perhaps if they are unfamiliar with thecompany or if it just seems unsafe. This may reduce income if customers are putoff. High street stores have an advantage over online stores here in thissituation. This doesn’t usually apply to large companies such as Amazon andeBay because everyone already knows that they are a trustworthy website.However, for a small business like our own, customers may be unsure whether totrust us. One way that we could resolve this problem would be to have customerreviews. This will show to other customers that we are a trustworthy website.We could also provide well known payment methods such as PayPal or google wallet.

    Delivery costs and other issues - a problem that all online storeshave are delivery costs and other issues (“other issues” may be - having towait for items to be delivered or delays due to shipping problems, forexample). This can often put off customers and may reduce customer satisfactionif. High street stores do not have this problem as customers are able to buyand walk away with the product there and then. One way that we can resolve thisissue would be to include delivery offers. For example, we could include freedelivery when customers spend over £50. This will benefit our company in twoways; the first being that it will improve our customer satisfaction; thesecond being that it will encourage customers to spend more to receive thedelivery offer, thus increasing our profits.
    Large companies such as Amazon have special offers such as free deliveryfor customers on their next order if they spend over a certain amount.

    Lack of personal attention - an advantage which high streetstores have over online stores is that they are able to have workers welcomingin customers and helping them find specific items. Whereas with online storesthere is no personal attention and customers may feel less welcomed and willfind it more difficult to find the items they are looking for; thus reducingcustomer satisfaction.
    Large companies such as Topshop have lots of images on their homepage tohelp welcome in their customers. They also have links to different sections oftheir website to make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.
    Other ways to resolve this would be to have a selection of searchingmethods i.e. a navigation bar (ensuring that it is clear and easy to use) and asearch bar. This will make it easier for the customer and will allow them tofind things easily.

    Ease of access - another problem with having a store is that it can be inconvenientfor customers if, for example it requires lots of walking to reach or if it isdifficult to find. Having an online store will resolve access problems as itcan be accessed easily from anywhere around the world by using the internet -this will help us increase our sales as it will be easier for customers to buyfrom us.
    eBay is an online site therefore it has an advantage over high streetstores because it is easier to access and is more convenient for customers tobuy online opposed to having to go into to town to buy from a local store.

    Open 24/7 - one of the main issues with having a store is that we haveinconvenient opening & closing times; therefore we are unable to receivethe maximum amount of trade. Currently our store is only open from 09:30 -17:30; however there is still a fair amount of potential customers roaming thestreets long after our closing time (reducing potential income). With ane-commerce website, we will be able to sell our products 24/7, so there will beopportunity for customers to buy from us anytime of the day; thus resolving theissue of limited selling hours. Being open 24/7 is a huge advantage for large companiessuch as Amazon because they are constantly selling products (recent statisticsshow that Amazon sells around 300 products every second), therefore it allowsfor much more trade. Also, their rivals (generally stores) will be limited toselling hours.

    Low running costs - another issue with having a store is that thereare many running costs such as staff wages and rent etc. therefore reducingtotal profit.
    With an e-commerce website there are fewer running costs. An example ofa running cost for an online store is site maintenance. Spark & Co willneed to regularly update its website to keep up with the latest fashion - thiswill keep customers satisfied as they will be looking for and expecting toregularly see new clothing for sale. When we have our website, our runningcosts will be less as we won’t have to pay for things such as electric staffwages which would need to be considered when running a store; therefore we willbe able to reduce the price of our products which will satisfy our customers.Large companies such as Topshop constantly have to update their website as theyare competing against rival companies to sell the latest fashion.

    Global business opportunities - a problem with all high streetshops is that they are restricted to the people in the local area. With ane-commerce website, we will be able to sell our products globally therefore wewill have a much larger selection of customers to sell to. The use of an onlinestore will benefit Spark & Co because our sales rate is low due to arestricted amount of customers. With an online store we will be able to sellour products to people from all around the world (much more potentialcustomers) which will help us to increase our rate of sales.
    Netflix is an online store therefore it has a huge advantage over acompany like Blockbuster as there is a much wider selection of people to sellto on the internet whereas Blockbuster is set up as a range of local stores andso it has a limited selection of customers.
    M1: Understand the impact of e-Commerce onorganisations

    Search engine optimisation (SEO) - this is a very effective way whichbusinesses can promote their business. The general idea of this method is for abusiness to increase the visibility of their website on search results pages bymaking it appear on the higher pages of results (recent studies show thataround 90% of web users tend not to look past the 3rd page). This makes iteasier for consumers to find and it increases the likelihood of web users tostumble across the website.
    Search engines identify keywords entered into the search bar to generateresults; therefore when applying this method of SEO, a business will adjust thecontent on their website to try to include specific words which are more likelyto be identified by search engines as keywords.
    Spark & Co could apply this method by including specific words and phrasessuch “latest fashion”, “trends” and “free delivery”. This will make our websiteappear on lower results pages; thus increasing visibility and ultimately increasingthe number of our site views.

    Spam - this is quite an ineffective method which businesses try to promotetheir website as web users tend to ignore spam. However, when carried out on avery wide scale this method can be relatively beneficial. For example, if thebusiness targets thousands of users, and it works on one in every one hundredusers then the spam is made worth-while. Businesses that use this method arenot interested in creating a connection with their buyers; they are focussed onattracting the attention of as many web users as possible to try to increasethe spam’s chance of success rate.
    An example business which uses spam is “Bet365”. This particularbusiness has a very low success rate per user, however they target hundreds ofthousands of people each day; therefore, although the spam works on a verysmall percentage of potential consumers, they are still promoting theirbusiness to a large audience.
    Spam would not be a method used by Spark & Co as it depreciates ourrelationship with our potential consumers. Spark & Co is more interested inmaintaining a good connection with a smaller audience, rather than having noconnection with a larger audience. In addition, using constant spam will putoff potential consumers from considering using our website.
    Pop-ups - Pop-ups is a similar method to spam; a business will pay othercompanies to have pop-ups on their websites, advertising their business. Thisis also quite an ineffective method of promotion; however it can be put to gooduse when it is carried out on a wide scale.
    Pop-ups is also used by companies such as “Bet365”, they use it by targetingthousands of users to try to increase the chance of success rate.
    Spark & Co is not interested in use of pop-ups as it will depreciatethe relationship with our potential buyers; we are focused in generating a goodconnection to maintain good service.

    Banners and advertising - this is quite a common methodwhereby a business will pay other companies to have banners on their websites,advertising their business. Other businesses take advantage of Cookies - thismeans that if a user is looking at similar websites, then banners can appearanywhere on the internet.
    This can often be classed as spam as it can often be an inconveniencefor users being constantly bombarded by online ads and banners. However, lotsof large companies e.g. JD Sport and Topshop often use the Cookies method as itis generally a less intrusive way to advertise; it may also be convenient forusers who are genuinely interested in those particular companies and brands.
    Spark & Co would not be reluctant to use this method as it can be aneffective way to promote a business. The company would just have to make surethey are using websites that have lots of hits or that are suitable to hosttheir advert.

    Forums and newsgroups - this is not a very commonly usedmethod; however it can often be put to good use. The general idea of thismethod is for business owners or representatives e.g. managers and sponsors toenter online newsgroups to target small groups of people, when to exchangeinformation regarding their business.
    Forums and Newsgroups is generally used by smaller business as the aimof this method is to try to make their website more widely known by the onlinecommunity. It also creates good relationships with potential consumers. Thismethod can be taken to full effect by newly started companies trying to set thefoundations of their business in a tamed manner rather than an aggressiveapproach i.e. spam to try to make good relationships with users online.
    Spark & Co would use this method as it will allow us to makeconnections with people and it will generate good relationships to try topromote our business.
    Direct marketing - this is the most common method companies use topromote their business. The idea of direct marketing is for a business toadvertise to customers directly - there are multiple ways for a business to dothis; for example fliers, television adverts, emails etc.
    Almost every business uses this method in some form e.g. Topshop usesadverts on television to directly communicate with their potential buyers.
    Spark & Co would use this method as it is a commonly used and widelyaccepted by the public; therefore we would be able to successfully andeffectively promote our business without compromising our connection with ouraudience.

    Website accessibility - this is a basic method ofpromotion which is commonly regarded as common sense. The idea of this methodis for businesses to make their website accessible for all users or at least asmany as possible. Companies can apply this method by reducing restrictions andremoving barriers which prevent access to their site.
    All businesses will use this method as it is simple to use and itincreases the amount of potential buyers they will maintain.
    Spark & Co will use this method to try to make our website asaccessible as possible for users online to try to promote our business.
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    P3: Understand the effects of e-Commerce on societyM2: Solutions for the potential risks of usinge-Commerce

    Viruses - viruses are often used by hackers as a form of hacking. A virus canbreak through security systems to obtain data i.e. passwords and personalinformation. A side effect which viruses cause is corruption of files which canbe very inconvenient for the victim as it is often very difficult/ expensive torepair the damages. Hackers sometimes deploy viruses which containself-destruct protocols to ensure that the hacking cannot be traced back to thehacker. This can also be highly inconvenient for the victim as it canpermanently corrupt the data which can cause a significant amount of damage tothe computer system.
    Viruses often work by altering the order of small foundation files suchas “tmp” and “xfr” files to try to transmit information back to the hacker.
    Viruses can come in many forms, for example: email attachments andadd-ons files. Viruses can often be in the form of “anti-virus” software; theseare generally referred to as “Trojan Viruses” - this is especially dangerous asit may confuse the user into believing that they have a virus.
    Viruses can be easily identified by their file size - they are usuallysmall i.e. 5 bits.
    Spark & Co may be vulnerable to viruses as it hasn’t got anysecurity against the viruses; therefore it will be easier for hackers to placeviruses into our system. As a company they may lack the experience needed atthe beginning of their move to e-commerce to understand all the risksassociated with viruses.

    Anti-virus Software - to resolve the issue of Viruses, we couldincrease the security on our system by using anti-virus software to identifyand remove viruses.
    Anti-virus software removes viruses and malware; it also deletes cookieslinked to these. The removal of viruses will prevent data from being corruptedand will prevent files and programs from being altered. The removal of malwarekeeps your personal information & bank details safe from hackers. Whenviruses and malware are removed, any cookies linked to these will also be removedto maintain the computer’s performance. Most anti-virus utilities can alsodetect and remove malware (malware is a threat that can hack into personal/bank details). High quality anti-virus utilities place firewalls or increasefirewalls’ security to prevent future malware threats.
    Norton Security is an example of an ‘anti-virus’ utility. Anti-virusutilities can be used to detect and remove viruses, cookies and malware.

    Hacking - this affects millions of computer users each year and can relate toanything or anyone trying to exploit faults or weaknesses in a computer systemto retrieve data i.e. passwords, bank details etc. Hacking doesn’t necessarilyrelate to an individual; it is quite common for groups of people to set upprograms or viruses e.g. “istartsurf” which break into computer systems toaccess the information.
    *Sometimes hackers set up relay devices which they receive transmissionssent from computer systems so they can see the user’s screen to see exactlywhat they are typing. Since 2003 this has become one of the most common formsof hacking as it is very difficult for hackers to be caught as they generallyset up multiple relay devices to make it impossible for the hacking to betracked back to the hacker.
    Spark & Co may be vulnerable to hackers as it is a small companytherefore it may have more faults and weaknesses for hackers to identify; thusmaking it easier to be hacked. Hackers tend to target small companies such asSpark & Co as they are quick and easy to hack.

    Firewalls - to resolve the issue of Hacking, we could set up a good securitysystem containing things such as firewalls - this will reduce the risk ofhacking as it will act as a deterrence to hackers.
    While anti-virus software detects and removes viruses, firewalls simplyblock them to prevent them from gaining/ regaining access to data. Likewise,they are also used to block hackers (malware). Firewalls are usually placed inareas which are most vulnerable to hackers e.g. bank details, passwords etc.Firewalls often work in sync with anti-virus software.
    When viruses are detected, an analysis of the virus is made to preparean appropriate firewall. When the virus has been removed, the firewall isplaced here. This method is effective because it prevents viruses from beingable to gain access in these areas again and it reduces your computer’svulnerability.

    Identity Theft and Fraud - this is when a hacker will try toretrieve data (e.g. passwords and security details) transmitted from computersystems. The hacker will then set up an account on a particular network, forinstance Spark & Co; to pretend to be someone they’re not. They will usethis fake account to benefit from financial gain by making purchases fromanother person’s bank card, for example. Hackers will often set up a decoyaccount to deter the attention of their fake account to make the processeasier. The general term for this process is known as “Fraud”, however thespecific term is referred to as Identity Theft. Identity theft as a specificform of hacking affects a vastly smaller proportion of computer users incomparison to other forms of hacking as it is a much higher risk form ofhacking; therefore only highly experienced hackers will try to do this. Aclassic example of someone who committed identity theft was “Abraham Abdallah”.Abraham made the national news in 2001 after hacking over 200 people. This madea considerably reduced the confidence in the system which caused computercompanies to have to spend millions of pounds to increase the level of securityon computer systems. Spark & co could potentially be at risk of IdentityTheft and Fraud as it does not have a particularly good security system.

    Secure socket layers - to resolve the issue of Identity Theft and Fraudwe could use Secure Socket Layers. An SSL encrypts the link between the clientand the server e.g. browsers and web servers. This helps to protect privatedata from hackers as it prevents all access for external sources from beingable to enter restricted areas on a network.
    An SSL is classed as a security protocol as it analyses data beingtransmitted to make sure that no sensitive data is being extracted and inspectsexternal data before allowing it access into the network.
    This will considerably increase the security of our website as it willprevent people from being able to set up fake accounts to steal sensitive data.

    Passwords - hackers will often try to steal passwords. A common method whichpeople use to do this is the “Relay Device” method (*See “Hacking”). Users whouse simple passwords will be the most vulnerable to hackers as it will be easyfor the password to be identified. Users who use the same passwords formultiple things will be also be vulnerable.
    To reduce the risk of password hacking, we should make sure that we usemore advanced passwords by incorporating upper & lowercase letters, symbolsand numbers; we should also make sure that we don’t use the same password formultiple things. To increase the security for our users, we should advise themon these methods to make passwords more secure; this will also help tocontribute to creating a better relationship with our customers.

    Data security methods - a very common data security methodis a “Digital Certificate”. A digital certificate works like a passport forbusinesses and singular users to use on the internet to allow for them tolegally access different areas online. Online inspection services analysepassports and record where the user has visited, which can be very useful whentrying to exploit hackers. In addition, inspection services do not permitaccess for a user if they do not have a valid digital certificate; this is toprevent hackers from being able to infiltrate data without being caught.However, some experienced hackers are able to sabotage their certificates tomake it impossible or at least far more difficult for the hacking to be tracedback to their computer. In March 2011, a highly experienced hacker was able tocreate a fake Digital Certificate which he used to fraudulently exploit a largecompany called “Comodo Trusted Partners” and stole $1.4 million (the hacker wasextremely well prepared and was never caught) - this caused internet executivesto increase the security on digital certificate inspection; nothing like thisis likely to happen again.
    This data security method will be highly beneficial to Spark & Co as it isconsiderably vulnerable to hackers as it is a small business without thetop-class security which large companies have. Therefore digital certificateswill contribute to reducing the risk of hacking our system.

    Returns - a common issue with business transactions are “returns”. It is oftendifficult to define whether or not an item can be returned. It is quite commonfor people to vandalise products which they have bought to receive refunds; andby not granting the return, it can affect the relationship with our customersand can give a bad public image. This can be an inconvenience however, forsmall businesses such as Spark & Co as loss of money from individualprojects can have an impact on the profit made by the business. This doesn’taffect large companies such as H&M as they have much wider margins;therefore, loss of money from individual items doesn’t have a major effect ontheir total profit.
    To resolve this issue, Spark & Co should grant refunds to ourcustomers to retain a good public image and to keep up a good relationship withour customers.

    Returns policy - this method is used to protect the seller. A returns policy definesthe terms in a contract between the buyer and the seller. A company will oftenstate in their returns policy for example, that damaged goods cannot bereturned if the buyer does not have a receipt. Lots of large companies such asTopshop use this method to stop people on a large scale from trying to return damagedgoods to gain money. However, this method is not lawfully accurate; Section 14(2) of the Sales of Goods Act 1979 states that there is an implied conditionthat the goods will be of satisfactory quality - the Sales of Goods Act alsostates that a buyer does not always need a receipt in order to return goods.Companies still use this policy method to deter buyers from attempting toreturn damaged goods.
    The returns policy method would be beneficial to Spark & Co as it willprevent people from trying to return damaged goods; this will be especiallyuseful to our company as individual returns will make a noticeable effect onour total profit, opposed to large companies where an individual return doesn’treally matter.

    Payments - it is quite common for payments to be made by insecure methods. If apayment is made online through an insecure method it makes it easier forhackers to retrieve the customer’s details i.e. passwords and bank details. Ifour customers are hacked due to this this issue then our relationship with ourcustomers will be diminished considerable, our public image will also beaffected. To resolve this issue, Spark & Co should make sure that we usesecure payment methods such as PayPal and Google Banking to reduce the risk ofhackers from stealing data.

    Secure payment software - lots of companies will try to usesecure payment methods such as PayPal and Google Banking to make theircustomers feel safer when buying their products online. Websites which useuncommon payment methods are more unreliable which can put people off frombuying on their website. Some unreliable fraudulent websites e.g. “RB-Glasses”who try to scam online users will often disguise their payment methods toappear to be legitimate and secure payments methods e.g. PayPal; therefore itis a good idea for online users to check that they are actually using a securepayment method.
    Using secure payment methods will be beneficial to Spark & Co as it is nota very large company, so not many people will have heard of it - thereforeusing payment methods such as Google Banking will increase our customers’ trustin our website.
    P4: Legislations and regulations

    Data Protection Act 1998 - this Act controls how peoples’data is handled by organisations, businesses and the government. Anyone who isresponsible for using or handling data must abide by a set of protectionprinciples to ensure that data is e.g. used fairly and lawfully, accurate andkept for no longer than is absolutely necessary. There is a stricter set ofprinciples for people handling more sensitive data e.g. criminal records,health and political opinions.
    This Act is useful to Spark & Co as it protects us directly byprotecting our sensitive data e.g. bank details and passwords. Moreover, ourcustomers are buying our products online which can potentially put their bankdetails at risk; therefore the Data Protection Act also covers our customers.
    Click Here to see my sourceof research for the Data Protection Act.

    Computer Misuse Act 1990 - this Act’s purpose is to preventunauthorised access from being able to modify or access computer material. Thisstops people from being able to sabotage or impair the computer’s performanceby corrupting data and can be used to prevent hackers from being able to obtainsensitive data.
    This could be useful to Spark & Co as it will prevent anyone withoutauthorisation from being able to unlawfully alter our computer material whichwill protect us from hacking and will prevent the potential corruption of ourcomputer system.
    Click Here to see my source ofresearch for the Computer Misuse Act.

    Consumer Credit Act 1974 - this Act regulates purchases madeby credit cards. The Act makes sure that regulations are made to analysespecific areas when purchases are made by credit cards e.g. the form andcontent of credit card purchases, for example via online, in a store etc.Another area which it covers is the method of calculating annual percentagerates. Unreliable companies can sometimes be fraudulent when they supposedlycalculate APR; they often impair the calculation methods to retrieve more moneywithout the buyer’s knowledge. The Consumer Credit Act makes sure thatcalculation methods are reliable.
    This Act is useful to Spark & Co as it we can inform our customersthat their credit card transactions are protected this Act which will increaseour customer’s trust in our website and will create a better relationship.
    Click Here to see my sourceof research for the Consumer Credit Act.
    Trading Standards - this Act was made for consumers and businessesto enforce and advice laws which regulate the way buying and selling occurs.Counterfeit goods directly affect buyers and cause legitimate sellers to loseout on sales. Trading Standards prevent counterfeit goods from entering thetrading market.
    This Act is useful for Spark & Co as we are a business, therefore itwill prevent fraudulent businesses from bringing counterfeit goods into themarket; thus it will increase our sales.
    Click Here to see my sourceof research for Trading Standards.

    Freedom of Information Act 2000 - this Act allows for public accessto information provided by public authorities. It obliges public authorities topublish specific information about their activities. It also allows for thepublic to request information freely without questioning.
    This Act could be useful to Spark & Co as it will allow for us tosee what is popular in the fashion market - taking our business type intoconsideration; this Act will be very useful for helping us to keep up with thelatest fashion.
    Click Here to see my sourceof research for the Freedom of Information Act.

    Copyright Legislation - this Act allows for businesses tocontrol how their products or materials can be used and distributed. It alsostops other businesses from being able to claim and sell products as their own- businesses have to pay a fee to copyright their products.
    This Act will be useful for Spark & Co as it will allow us to makeour merchandise copyright which will prevent fraudulent companies from stealingour products and selling it as their own.
    Click Here to see my sourceof research for Copyright Legislation.

    Distance Selling - as of June 13th 2014 this Act is no longer validin the UK. It has been replaced by the Consumer Contracts Regulations. This Actenforces consumer rights which protects them when they make purchases at adistance e.g. orders made by phone calls and TV shopping channels etc.
    This Act will be useful for Spark & Co as it will protect ourcustomers if they wish to make a purchase via phone call. This will help tomake a better relationship with our customers and will show that we are a reliablebusiness.
    Click Here to see my source ofresearch for Distance Selling.
    e-Commerce Regulations 2002 - this Act implements legal ruleswhich online retailers must comply with when trading online with customers inthe European Union. It makes sure that the technical steps involved inpurchases are recorded to enforce consumer protection. This also preventsfraudulent companies from being able to scam people. However, this onlyprotects consumers given that the company is in the EU; it has no power andauthority over companies outside the EU, for example China, however, there areInternational laws in place to prevent fraudulent companies in countriesoutside the EU.
    This Act will be useful to Spark & Co as it will prevent fraudulentcompanies from being able to scam our customers. It will also create a betterrelationship with our customers as we can prove that we are following thee-Commerce Regulations.
    Click Here to see my source ofresearch for e-Commerce Regulations.

    P5: Social implications of e-Commerce on society

    Closure of high street stores - the rate in which high streetstores have been closing down has increased dramatically over the past decadedue to the advancement of online trading. On average, 20 stores close down inthe UK each day due to reduced sales. Shop owners say that they are strugglingto receive enough trade due to the limitations of running a store e.g. beingrestricted to local trade and customers finding it more difficult orinconvenient to access. Another reason for the closure of high street stores isthat shop owners are transferring to online trading due to its multipleadvantages.
    Woolworths was one of the top high street stores for many decades,however the decrease in sales due to online trading caused Woolworths to becomebankrupt. Its stores all over the UK began closing down until it eventuallydisappeared from high streets all together. However, in the past few years ithas created its own website where customers can buy its products online.

    Reduction in employment - there has been a huge reduction inemployment over the past decade due to the closure of high street stores. Over1.5 million jobs have been lost since 2004. Another reason for the reduction inemployment is due to the advancement in self-service. Lots of jobs have beenall over the country in large stores such supermarkets and department storesbecause there isn’t as much need for cashiers anymore as it is easier andcheaper for companies to have self-service machines.
    Many jobs were lost when Woolworths closed down and became an onlinestore. Woolworths now has far less employees as they no longer have large scalejobs such as cashiers and shelf stackers.

    Isolation/ lack of social interaction - since the advancement in onlinetrading, there has become a lack of social interaction as people are buyingtheir items online opposed to high street stores. When buying from a highstreet stores, buyers tend to interact with the shop’s employees, for exampleif they wanted to know something about a product. There is also interaction whenthey go to the checkout whereas when buying online there is no interaction ascustomers can easily view a range of products and can read detailed descriptionabout each item without needing to ask anyone for help.
    Advantages to customers - e-Commerce has many advantages tothe customers. One advantage is that unlike high street stores, online tradingis available 24/7 therefore customers can buy products whenever they want to,whereas if someone wants to buy from a high street, they are limited to its opening& closing times. Another advantage to customers is that online tradingallows for buyers to shop from anywhere they wish, whereas high street storesare restricted to local trade. e-Commerce also allows for buyers to buyproducts globally; therefore all products are available to everyone all aroundthe world, whereas high street stores can only supply for people in the localarea.

    Disadvantages to customers - while e-Commerce has manyadvantages to customers, it also has some disadvantages. One disadvantage isthat some online stores are not particularly reliable and will try to stealusers’ card details. They tend to do this by setting up a fake website whichappear to be legitimate and trustworthy, however, they are designed to plantviruses on the user’s device to infiltrate data files to steal sensitive data.Other websites simply use insecure payment methods which tend to be fraudulentsoftware which will try to steal the user’s sensitive data and can also corruptthe user’s device.
    Another disadvantage is that there can often be delivery issues. Mostonline stores use shipping to deliver goods to customers all over the world,however, this method is not completely reliable as the delivery process goesthrough lots of stages; therefore products are at risk of becoming lost ordamaged.
    Another disadvantage is that products are not always particularlydetailed, therefore customers are not able to appreciate the item as they wouldbe able to in a store. Some companies include 3 dimensional images whereby theuser can rotate images of the product to see it at all angles to add to theproduct description, however, this requires expensive equipment and can be verycostly.
    • Thread Starter

    D1: Compare the benefits and drawbacks ofe-Commerce to an organisation

    Wider target audience - the rate in which organisationshave been converting to e-Commerce has increased dramatically since 1994 and isstill accelerating today due to the ability to have a wider target audience. Inthe past decade, hundreds of thousands of organisations both large and smallhave converted to using e-Commerce opposed to having stores. Organisationswhich use e-Commerce are at an advantage as they have the potential to have amuch wider target audience. e-Commerce allows organisations to branch out on abigger scale which means that they are able to sell to a much wider audience,therefore they are capable of achieving much higher profits. This enables largeorganisations in particular to have global business opportunities whereby theycan receive funding from large companies to expand their business which canconsiderably increase the organization's profit. It also enables smallerorganisations to promote their business on a wider scale by means such asonline advertising which can help their business to expand.

    More competitive - e-Commerce is generally a more competitive formof trading than the use of high street stores for several reasons - the mainreason being that nowadays people can often be reluctant to go out shopping andwould rather order their items online as it is easier and requires littleeffort. This benefits e-Commerce over high street stores as there are morepotential customers. This is specifically beneficial to large businesses as itprevents them from having to own as many stores; therefore reducing the overallrunning costs of the company. Having this advantage over high street stores canbe highly beneficial to smaller businesses as they are often competing againstseveral rivals to try to become the best business. e-Commerce enables people tobecome more competitive which can help the business owner to gain an edge overtheir rivals. It is useful for e-Commerce users in general as it means thatorganisations have a wider range of customers to sell to, therefore a largerpotential profit - business owners who make larger profits have the ability toreduce the price of their products, which will be more appealing to customers.This will help the businesses owner to gain an edge over their rivals as theyhave to the potential to having more customers.
    Easier stock control - another reason why organisations have beenconverting to e-Commerce is the ability to control stock more easily.e-Commerce allows organisations to see specific aspects of their stock onlinee.g. the quantity of stock and profit margins on particular items. This can beespecially useful to large companies as it prevents them from having to spendlots of time manually inspecting stock. The ability to see profit margins fromonline stock control enables these companies to work out the best stock toorder at certain times. It also means that the companies do not have to pay forstock handlers which over time can save a lot of money.
    This also benefits smaller companies as it means that they will not haveto spend lots of time analysing their stock; therefore they are able to spendtime on more important things such as selling, advertising and expanding.Easier stock control can also be beneficial to new business owners who may nothave the experience in manually inspecting stock which will make it easier toestablish the basic foundations of their business.

    Reduced overheads - there are far less overheads for organisationswho use e-Commerce as they do not have to pay for the running costs which wouldbe required with owning a store. This is very useful to large businesses asthey would need several high street stores to equate to the ability of havingan online store which would considerably increase running costs and would meanthat less money could be invested in important aspects, for example advertisingand expanding. Large companies spend a lot of their money on advertising theirbusiness in order to lure in more customers to try to enhance their potentialand to increase their profits, so they cannot afford to waste money on runningcosts.
    Smaller businesses do not make as much money as large organisations;therefore running costs have a more noticeable effect. This makes e-Commerce anideal solution as it produces fewer overheads which means that these businessescan invest more money in other areas e.g. stock and advertising.

    Immediate stock/ availability check - the ability to see stockimmediately makes it much easier for organisations to order new stock and letsthem know exactly what needs to be ordered, which can save lots of time andmoney. Large companies who use high street stores can often be affected bydrawn out stock and availability check procedures which means that they have torestrict their opening and closing times; therefore they do not receive as manycustomers. Whereas large companies who use e-Commerce are able to check stockmuch faster, and so they can focus more on trying to promote their business;therefore, they have greater potential profits. This also enables smallerbusinesses that use e-Commerce to spend more time on trying to expand theirbusiness and other important aspects involved with running a business as theyare not spending as much time regularly performing stock checks.

    Access to goods globally - a problem which lots of highstreet store owners have is the restriction to local trade. e-Commerce benefitsorganisations as it allows for potential customers to buy their products fromanywhere in the world. This can be specifically useful for large businesses asit allows for a considerably wider range of potential customers for thecompany; subsequently, they will make much bigger profits. This will also meanthat the company can use this to their advantage by trying to branch out tocustomers on a much larger scale which will enable the company to expand to tryto generate a greater potential profit.
    This is especially useful to smaller companies as it will help them toestablish the fundamental grounds of their business without having to worryabout being restricted to local trade - small business owners are likely to bebusy with trying to lure in as many customers as possible, however, e-Commerceenables the company to sell to a much wider range of customers. This means thatbusiness owners are able to reduce the prices their products, to make themcheaper than the prices of their rivals - this will be more appealing to theircustomers; therefore they are more likely to receive more customers than theirrivals.

    Price comparison - this has a less effective impact in comparisonto other benefits, however, it can still be put to good use by all types oforganisation. This can be useful for large businesses as it allows them to seetheir rival company’s prices for specific products. This enables the company toreduce their prices in relation to their rivals to make their products slightlycheaper to try to lure in more customers. This can be useful for smallerbusiness as well as it lets them compare their prices with large companies,which can enable them to set up the correct profit margins in relation to otherbusinesses. Price comparison can be useful for new business owners as it willgive them a basic idea about the prices they should use for their products.This means that they can focus on other aspects involved with running abusiness such as advertising and expanding, which can help the business ownersto set up better foundations for their business.
    Fraud - a major drawback which lots of organisations face with owning ane-Commerce store is fraud. Fraud is a general term which is an activity wherebya hacker will try to retrieve sensitive data transmitted from computer systems.This can be very inconvenient for organisations as they can often have lots ofmoney stolen by frauds. To prevent this issue, companies set up securityfeatures to block any unauthorised access. However, these security featurestend to be very expensive and often require regular updates to ensure thecompany’s safety.
    This can be particularly inconvenient to large companies as they are morelikely to have more frauds trying to steal sensitive data; therefore they haveto set up better security features, subsequently reducing their overall profit.
    Fraud can be especially inconvenient to smaller businesses because theyare seen by frauds as easy targets as they are less likely to have goodsecurity features, if any, to prevent unauthorised access. Smaller businessesgenerate less profit than large companies, therefore there will be a much morenoticeable impact on their overall profit if they are attacked by frauds, andso business owners have to spend money to make sure that they have goodsecurity features to ensure that unauthorised transmissions do not have accessto sensitive data.

    Delivery issues - another drawback which many organisations facewith using e-Commerce are delivery issues. This issue can have a considerableeffect on organisations as it can cause several problems for the business. Highstreet stores have an advantage over e-Commerce here as there are no deliveryfactors involved which is very convenient as it means that products can bebought more easily without having to worry about extra costs due to delivery.Delivery issues can be very inconvenient for large companies as they are likelyto occur on a very large scale which can be costly for the business as theywill have to spend extra money to make sure that products are delivered totheir customers. They may also have to give lots of refunds to their customerswhich can considerably reduce their overall profit, depending on the severityof the issue.
    Delivery issues can also be highly inconvenient for smaller businessesas the costs involved with giving refunds can be expensive which can have anoticeable financial effect on the company. Delivery issues can also affect therelationship the business has with its customers as which may put the customersoff from using the same business in the future.

    Internet access - e-Commerce requires customers to have internetaccess to be able to buy products online which means that organisations usinge-Commerce may have a reduced number in sales if customers do not have internetaccess. Customers may also feel that their bank details will be safer if theybuy their products from a high street store opposed to using an online store.This can have a major effect on large companies as there will be a much greateramount of potential customers who do not have internet access; therefore aconsiderable reduction in their overall profit. This can also affect smallerbusinesses as potential customers may not trust a small, unknown online store,and so they are more likely to resort to going to a high street store wherethey will feel safer.

    Choice - there may be less product availability with an e-Commerce website asorganisations may not have much storage space. This may put off customers fromwanting to use online stores as they may not have the products they are lookingfor. This can have a considerable impact on large organisations as they will belosing out on profit on a large scale which means that there may be anoticeable reduction in their overall profit. This can also affect smallbusinesses as it means that potential customers are more likely to go to a highstreet store where they know that they will be able to find the product theyare looking for. This can be inconvenient for e-Commerce users as store ownerswill have an edge over competition which may reduce the company’s profits.

    Increased returns - it is a lot easier for customers to returnproducts through e-Commerce as they simply have to send an email to thecompany, and can request a return from anywhere they want. This can have aconsiderable impact on large organisations as they are likely to have a lot ofcustomers wanting to return their goods which may reduce their profits. Smallerbusinesses are also affected by this as they may not be able to afford to keepreceiving returns. It may also be very time consuming to make sure that returnsare handled appropriately; therefore they will not be able to spend time on otherimportant areas involved with running a business such as advertising andexpanding.

    P6: Plan an e-Commerce strategyM3: Annotated documentation for e-Commerce strategy

    e-Commerce Strategy
    Client, purpose & target audience - I will need to take these intoconsideration when making my website for Spark & Co as they will affect thelayout, design and content of the website.
    Spark & Co is a small business selling the latest fashion and theywant the website to show all of their products clearly and to look appealing totheir customers. The purpose of the website is to provide access for customersto buy our products online. The purpose is also to promote our business to webusers to help bring in more trade. Our target audience is for both men andwomen, roughly between the ages of 13 and 40. We are also currently aiming ourproducts at people in the UK and hope to branch out globally this year.

    Advertising - there are a few available advertising options for Spark & Co. Oneoption which would be very effective for this particular business is DirectMarketing. With this method we would use fliers and television adverts topromote our business - this would be an effective use of advertising as we willbe able to branch out to a wide range of potential customers. This is also awidely accepted form of advertising as it reaches out to people respectfullyunlike other forms of advertising such as Spam where companies force themselveson people. Direct Marketing is a suitable option for Spark & Co as we wouldlike to advertise respectfully to retain a good relationship with our potentialcustomers.
    Another option we could use is SEO. With this method we would usespecific words and phrases on our website which are likely to be used in websearches e.g. “fashion”, “trends”, “free delivery” etc. This is a suitableoption for Spark & Co as it is an easy method to use and it does not costanything to do.

    Costs - one of the costs to be considered will be setting up our site. Thiswill be a one-time payment; however we need to be cautious that we do not spendtoo much on the initial setup of our website as there are other costs to beconsidered. We will also need to account for Site Maintenance and Security - asour company is trying to sell the latest fashion, it is essential that we keepour site regularly updated; therefore we will need to pay for site maintenanceon a regular basis. We will also need to set up security features i.e.anti-virus software and firewalls - these will be used to prevent hackers andscammers for being able to sabotage our site. Another cost which needs to beconsidered are Advertising Costs - as we are a new business, we will need totry to promote our website by multiple forms of advertising; therefore we willneed to pay for this to be done.

    Website hosting - we have considered two different Web HostingServices for our website. They are Inmotion Hosting and Yahoo. These are bothgood services as they both provide unlimited server space which will allow usto use as much memory as we like. They also provide spam filters which willprevent our customers from receiving spam mail - this will prevent our customersatisfaction from being compromised. However, Inmotion Hosting will be morebeneficial to use as it will provide us with an unlimited domain whereas Yahoowill only provide us with a part-time domain. Also, Inmotion Hosting allows forshopping carts which will be an essential feature on the website. For thesereasons we have chosen to use Inmotion Hosting as our Web Hosting Service for ourwebsite.

    Components and facilities - one of the components on ourwebsite will be a search bar - this will help our customers to search forspecific products more easily. As we are an online store, we will have to takeinto consideration that customers will not be able to try on products like theywould be able to in a store so we will include detailed product information foreach product e.g. dimensions, colour etc. A crucial facility we will have willbe ordering and payment. There will be a selection of ordering options andpayment methods available for customers such as PayPal and Google Banking -this will improve our customer satisfaction. We will also have payment dealse.g. free shipping when you spend £40.

    Structure of website - the structure of the website will be very simpleto make it easier for our customers to use. The first page will be a homepagewith large banners showing special offers. The second page will be a “what’snew” page which will show our latest products and upcoming products. The thirdpage will have all of our available products - this page will be split intosections to specifically define products e.g. Mens footwear. The last page willbe a contact page where users can fill in their details and will be able toemail the company. The website will have a clear navigation system wherebythere will be a navigation bar with clear links to each page.
    • Thread Starter

    Site map -

    Storyboard - at the top of each page will be a large banner which has the Spark& Co logo. It will be very clear and will be appealing for our customers totry to make a good first impression.
    Underneath the banner will be a navigation bar whereby users will beable to navigate to any page on the website. The navigation bar will be clearand easy for our customers to use. The page which is being viewed will behighlighted on the navigation bar to let the user know which page they are on.
    At the bottom of each page will be clear contact information i.e. ouraddress, telephone number, email etc.
    HomeOur home page will have a large side banner with current special offers. This advert will also be a link which will take the user directly to the appropriate section on our products page when it is clicked.There will also be a short welcome paragraph explaining who Spark & Co is, what we are offering etc. This paragraph will not be too detailed to prevent users from losing interest.What’s NewThis page will show all of our latest products (these particular products will also be visible on our Products page).The left-hand side will have detailed information about the products e.g. dimensions and materials.The right-hand side will have a selection of images of some of our latest products. This page will be updated regularly to keep only our latest products on the page.Products 1This will be a simple page with two large links. The first link will take the user to the Mens section and the second link will take the user to the Womens section.Products 2This page will show all of our available products.The left-hand side will be a list which clearly shows each of our products. Each item will have an image of the product attached to the side.The right-hand side will contain all of the product details. This section of the page will be very detailed to help to give our customers as much knowledge about the products as possible.ContactThis page will allow the user to contact Spark & Co.There will be a large contact form which will be clear and easy for our customers to use. The form will be split into sections i.e. Contact Info, Subject and a section for the user to enter their message.There will also be an image saying “Thank you for Visiting” to help to maintain a good relationship with our customers.
    Assets - our general design will look very professional, for example our logowill use basic colours e.g. cream, red and black and fonts which convey classto our customers. This will help to show that we are a fairly high marketcompany selling top quality merchandise. It is essential for the company to useappropriate assets as they will represent the type of business we are. If weused inappropriate assets with bright and uncoordinated colours then we may bemistaken for a lower market business, therefore we will not be reaching out toour target audience. Potential customers are also likely to judge our websitewhen they look at our colour scheme and design, and they may have preconceivedideas about our business before they have taken time to properly look at thewebsite, therefore it is essential that we have a good design.
    Image and product details - our website will contain a rangeof images, for example advertising banners, logos and photographs of products.Our graphics will all have similar use of colours and style to create consistencyto try to make our website look more professional. The website will not beoverloaded with images as it will make the pages look too crowded, however, atleast some graphics will be required to make the pages look more visuallyappealing.
    As we are an online website, we have taken into consideration one of thekey drawbacks which e-Commerce holds, being that customers are unable to try onproducts before they buy them and are unable to see them in person. Thereforeto resolve this issue, we have included highly detailed product informationexplaining important factors such as dimensions, materials and weight etc. Wewill also include 3 dimensional images of each product whereby users will beable to spin the item round to see the product from all angles.

    House styles and consistency - our website will have consistenthouse styles i.e. cream, red and black. We have chosen to use these coloursbecause they convey class and are relatively simple colours which will make iteasy to design a visually appealing website. We will use consistent colours tomaintain a simple yet effective design - these colours will be used throughoutour website and will be used in marketing and branding. It is essential that wehave good consistency to make sure that there is coordination in our housestyles and colour - if we do not have consistency then we will lookunprofessional which may put off customers.
    • Thread Starter

    D2: Evaluate your e-Commerce strategy

    In this evaluation report I will be reviewing several aspects within mye-Commerce strategy e.g. web hosting considerations, website structure, housestyles. When reviewing my e-Commerce strategy I will identify both the good andbad features of multiple aspects in order to suggest improvements to thestrategy.

    Client, purpose & target audience - I have been able to clearlyidentify these areas and I have taken into consideration the several factorswhich will be affected such as the layout and design. This is beneficial as itwill allow me to create my website in accordance with important factors whichwill help to improve the satisfaction of both the client and the customers. Onthe other hand, I have been quite vague when I have identified the purpose ofthe business by simply stating that the website’s purpose is to provide accessfor customers to buy products online. To improve my strategy I could have goneinto more detail by continuing the explanation to suggest that it will make iteasier for customers to buy products and will open up a wider selection ofpotential customers. This could help me to justify the relevance and need tohave a website amongst several other factors.

    Advertising - I have clearly identified which advertising options I could use and Ihave explained their advantages. On the other hand, I have not considered anyother potential advertising options which could be used as well as the selectedoptions or as alternative solutions. To improve this area of my strategy Icould have explained at least one other advertising option, for example Bannersand Advertising. This will allow me to create an optimised advertising solutionas I would have considered more available options.

    Costs - I have analysed in detail the several factors which will determinethe overall costs of the website. This is beneficial as it will allow me tocreate the website in accordance with client needs; for example, if the clienthas a limited budget then I will spend less money when creating the website. Apossible improvement I could make to this area in my strategy could simply beto explain in further detail the relevant expenses involved, which will let meknow exactly how much money is available when I am creating the website.
    Website hosting - in this section I have discussed two potentialweb hosting services which could be used to host the website. By weighing outeach service’s pros and cons I was able to make a final decision about whichone to use. I have thoroughly identified the advantages and disadvantages ofeach service and related each aspect to the effect it will have on both theclient and customers. To improve this section I could have incorporated apotential third web hosting service to allow for the best possible solution. Icould also have suggested how each aspect may affect the overall cost involvedin the running of the website to generate a better understanding of therelevant expenses involved.

    Components and facilities - in this section I have identifiedall of the appropriate components and facilities needed on the website and Ihave explained why they will be beneficial by explaining how they will satisfythe customer’s needs. This area requires no changes as I have considered all ofthe appropriate factors.

    Site map - I have designed a basic site map which shows the structure of thesite by labelling the connections between all of the pages. When I originallydesigned the sitemap it was very difficult to apprehend as it appeared to variousuncoordinated lines. To solve this issue I colour coordinated each set of linesto make it easier to understand. The site map will be beneficial to me when Iam creating my website as I will know where I need to make connections betweenpages. It will also let me create a less complicated structure on my website,making it easier to navigate, which will improve customer satisfaction.
    There are no further improvements to be made to the site map.

    Storyboard - in this section of my e-Commerce strategy I have clearly explainedthe basic template for each page by describing specific aspects on the pagesand where they will go I have also related each aspect to how it will satisfythe customer; for example, I have explained that there will be a clear navigationbar which will make it easier for customers to browse the website. This willhelp me when creating my website as I will have a clear understanding on how Ineed to structure each section. To improve the storyboard I could design moredetailed diagrams to clearly illustrate the structure of each page. This wouldhelp me to make the website more efficiently as I will be able to visualizewhat each page should look like. Alternatively I could explain in furtherdetail the relevant content required on each page to make it easier for me tocreate the website.
    Assets - I have explained several assets which will be on the website andcontinued to analyse the effect they will have on the customers; for example, Idescribed in detail what the logo will look like, stating the design and basiccolours - I have then explained that the colours convey class which shows thatwe are a high market company. This detailed explanation is beneficial as itwill help me to create the website in accordance with important factors whichwill help me to improve the satisfaction of both customers and the client. Apossible improvement I could make in this section could be to produce a smallset of graphic designs to be used as decoys - this will help me when I amcreating final designs as I will be able to make improvements on the initialgraphics; subsequently improving the quality of the website.

    House styles - in this section I have identified the house styles and I have statedthat there should be a consistent theme throughout the website. I have givenexplanations for each factor in order to justify the why the particular themesand colours are being used. To improve this section I could construct a mindmap of ideas for house styles and colours to help me when I am creating graphics.This could be beneficial as it will help to improve the quality of the websitewhich will contribute to customer satisfaction and will help to meet certainclient needs.

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