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    I am stuck between the two I am not that great at maths to be honest but i want to learn maths and continue my maths educations and improve I am eager to learn.I am picking biology,chemistry,maths now I am not sure about the forth option both further mathematics and physics are interesting I am not sure which to pick for a level?Pro and con list would be appreciated i would like to hear your thoughts my ultimate goal is medicine.

    okay so here goes (my opinion, studying A2 physics but AS FM so i cant say for the full course)
    1. The AS maths helps a lot, especially if you study mechanics in the first year as for year 1 physics thats as hard as the maths gets.
    2.seriously though, All of the mechanics in maths you study goes into physics, I feel irritated i couldnt do it first year maths :/
    3. If you change your mind and want to work in physics, hey, you'll have an A level in physics. There's a degree for maths, physics and even mathematical physics.

    1. If you aren't doing mechanics for maths AS, then you're gonna have a bad time learning mechanics, know from own experience.
    2. Physics with the other sciences isn't recommended as together they can prove very challenging, i went from AAB at gcse to CCD at AS, not good.
    3. Your aim currently is medicine, physics isn't THAT useful in medicine i believe.

    Further maths-
    1. You can choose the modules, you MUST do FP1 (proper maths you would study at uni, learning methods to solving equations, using matrices etc) and 2 modules from FP2 (not doing that, think its very hard though so idk), statistics or mechanics.... Or D1, decision maths. I strongly recommend this as it's REALLY easy, D2 looks hard but D1 is literally learn a couple of methods and you gain like 2/3 marks already. Basically your first choice is FP1, second choice is an applied part then the 3rd can be the next book along in that or another one. I'm doing FP1, D1 and D2.
    2. It's really fun if you enjoy maths, you can avoid that stuff you hate (stats for me :P)
    3. If you at least get the AS done, it helps a decent bit in normal maths AS/A2 as there is (unsurprisingly) a decent bit of crossover.
    1. FP1 can be VERY hard for year 12 students, only reason i find it easy is i'm doing it after a year of AS maths so some stuff is already explained. It's a bit werd, it includes stuff from later on in the second year.
    2. Other than doing a maths degree, FM isn't too useful i think.
    3. I can't supply info on FP2/3 and so far D2 so for all i know it could be ridiculous.
    4. Your current aim is medicine, further maths has even less use than physics in that unless you take the stat modules

    Hope this helps, any questions just PM me or reply here, i'm semi-addicted to TSR so as long as im awake or not at school ill reply
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