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Nicolas Sarkozy drifting to the far-right Watch

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    After a defeat in 2012, Nicolas Sarkozy wants to be president again. In a France plagued by economic malaise and an unprecedented security threat, the nominally center-right politician has launched a campaign pushed to the right to court voters from powerful populist fringes.

    As conservative contenders for presidency went live in their first primary debate, Sarkozy has started parroting Marine Le Pen, saying things that, before 2016, only the leaders of her extremist National Front ever dared to utter.

    Nowhere is this clearer than in the former president’s frequent proclamations against Muslims. France’s largest minority, Sarkozy would have his followers believe, is at the root of the country’s recent string of terrorist attacks as well as its apparent “crisis” in national identity.

    Sarkozy has chosen national identity as the central theme of his presidential campaign. His goal, as he explained in a blockbuster book released in January, is “the restoration of the nation.” But his definition of that “restoration” seems to require the explicit stigmatization of French Muslims.

    “It is not with religions that the Republic has difficulties today, but with one of them,” he wrote.

    Even François Hollande, France’s Socialist president, has conceded that “France has a problem with Islam.”

    But only Le Pen has ever said anything as direct. “No other religion is causing problems,” she declared during the social drama of the “burkini,” the bathing suit that shook the foundations of France’s secular values in late August.

    In that affair, too, Sarkozy projected the image of a conservative largely in line with the National Front. Even after France’s highest court ruled in favor of a woman’s right to dress modestly on a beach, Sarkozy called the burkini a “provocation” and promised that, as president, he would extend the ban even further, from a few districts to the entire nation.

    Analysts explain Sarkozy’s recent turn toward the far right as the last resort of a politician trailing the conservative front-runner, the more moderate Alain Juppé. Juppé is leading Sarkozy by 8 to 14 points in the most recent polls taken after Thursday’s debate.

    Once loathed for what the French still call his “bling-bling” lifestyle, Sarkozy is currently facing allegations of major accounting fraud in his last campaign.

    To French Muslims, the former president has begun to seem like a French version of Donald Trump, a candidate behind in the polls who, in their eyes, has opened up a Pandora’s box of harsh rhetoric that will survive even if his candidacy does not.

    “In France,” said Marwan Muhammad, the director of the Collective Against Islamophobia in France, “these debates have been so toxic that it will have a lasting effect. There is no coming back from it.”

    I'd just like to draw your attention to this:

    [Islam], Sarkozy would have his followers believe, is at the root of the country’s recent string of terrorist attacks as well as its apparent “crisis” in national identity.

    They say that as though it is false...

    Vive la France!


    He's trying to steal votes back from Front National who are the only party in France who has the interest of ethnic-French people.

    This frightens them so much that their crooked establishment might crumble down and Whites may be free to have a future. The anti-fa misguided lot seem to equate that preserving a countries ethnic and racial population is fascism. This only applies to White people.

    Open door immigration was always a tactic of ethnically cleansing all European ethnic groups by mixing them up until none are left.

    That is why integration is pushed so much. Integrated people are more likely to intermix.

    The Jews of course.. most Jews have remained the same as they were in biblical times. No matter where they lived, they always remained in their segregated communities. This is never called racism is it?

    The people today calls fascists, are nationalists who aware of this and oppose it. So they're called racists, anti-immigrant etc

    Why is defending a country's own people only openly done by the far right? I'm fairly left wing is some regards, but I'm a big believer in conservation of green and wildlife, ensuring public services are not overstretched, and national security; if I formed a political party and made these my priorities, I'd probably be deemed a swivvle-eyed loon.
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Updated: October 19, 2016
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