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What is going on with my health? Watch

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    Basically, I have felt nauseous almost every day since about May. I have been to the doctors and have another appointment next week but they keep writing it off as stress (I am stressed but I think this is more than stress).
    Along with the nausea, I get dizzy easily, I'm hungry NON STOP (which is usually part of the nausea and sometimes gets worse after I eat), sometimes I have this awful unquenchable thirst and blurred vision. I am also almost always tired and feel like I can sleep anywhere, any time. The nausea thing is what's really getting on my nerves as I have a fear of vomit which just makes everything worse, but like I said I'm pretty sure this isn't all just psychosomatic. I just don't want to feel like this any more. Do I need to get tests done when I see the doctor?? Does anyone know what might be wrong with me/has felt a similar way?
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    Are you on any medication?

    Have you had your fasting glucose and/or HbA1c tested? Is that something you're down for at the doctors?
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    Hi anonymous, have you had any blood tests done at the doctors'? Things like whole blood count, vitamins (e.g. D and B12), fasting glucose and thyroid function. Hopefully your doctor will suggest this when you next see them as it can identify a whole range of physical causes. It sounds like you could really do with some treatment even if it is psychosomatic, whether in the form of medication or counselling.

    I have no way to tell what's wrong with you, but I experienced some of your symptoms (along with some different to yours) when I was severely deficient in vitamin B12. But I also had long-standing depression and anxiety.
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Updated: October 19, 2016
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