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    Someone who I know has recently converted an empty house ready for use as a doctors consultancy (not surgery, more of a medical legal practice).

    Despite the fact that there are no changes to the overall external appearance of the property planning permision is being delayed by the usual type of people who object to anything changing regardless of for what reason.

    The place is now ready to be open however planning permission has still not been granted, thus I have two questions:

    What happens if the application for planning permission is withdrawn, the consultancy is opened and planning permission is sought in hindsight? I have heard that the system works very slowly and it could be years before it got sorted if it went down this route meaning that the consultancy could operate legally despite not having planning permission. Many people apparantly use this scam to circumvent planning obsticles as once the place is up and running it is harder for them to reject an application.

    The house next to the property is also a consultancy run by the same person. What if a wall was knocked through and they were amalgamated into one house, would the new property still need planning permission?

    In hindsight the best thing would have been not to apply for planning permission at all and thus no one in a position on an authority would have been alerted to the change in use.

    It's a complicated one but I will happily oblige with rep for any constructive or appropriate comments.

    I don't think the knocking a wall down thing works because I thing PP is specific to the land the building is on


    He could move all the private parts of the business (i.e. admin etc.) into the new house and keep it as house-like as possible, and all the public parts into the old house. Therefore anything which might affect the residents, such as extra cars, is on the bit which already has planning permission.

    I wouldn't do (1), whilst you may get permission in hindsight, they may also force you to undo any work done that needed planning permission but where it was not obtainined.

    If it is in a protected zone- conservation area, and you haven't applied for planning permission they will make you undo all of the work.
    You best bet is to talk to the neighbours showing the detailed plans of what you wanted to do/ have done and explain that they'll be no excess noise/ people... Also I would suggest consulting a lawyer, just so they can avise you as to what will happen in each scenario.
    as for having 2 houses into 1- as long as they both retain the same front doors with just an internal door then that is legal as it is only considered temporary joining... Good luck

    This might be pretty useless to you, but its personal experience with planning:

    we once converted part of our garage which was inside our house to a sauna, we didnt get planning permission and one of the neighbour complained andafter a few months it was shut

    we bought the house next door and knocked it through, it took about 3 months for it to be sorted out,but then they put posters up asking if people had any problems with it for a while then we procedeed and at the end theguy checkeed it out and made uschange some windows for some reason
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