large age differences in realtionships

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I'd say fron the above text, yes. I did mention about those who have grown up mentally faster than others beyong her physical age.

Copying my arguments are we?
Ah ha, sorry. I wasnt sure if anyone had brought this up as i havent been following this thread and was too tired to read the previous posts.
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(Original post by NDGAARONDI)
I agree.

Again I agree.

But should it be conviction or sentence worthy? What abourt discharges? I have read how some sentences in England could bring too much a misery over something quite minor. It would be a pity to see these cases again.

We agree on a lot of things I see
Well personally I think once you have served your sentence you should have equal rights as any other citizen. If you have done your time you have taken the consequences for whatever violation you were convicted for and you should not be discriminated against because of it. An exception is situations were security is a problem, such as the police force, military or similar. However I must say it would be rediculously stupid if a person is denied a university place merely because he/she had sex with a 15 year old at the age of 17. I quite honestly do not see why UCAS asks whether you have criminal convictions on teh application form. It should not matter for the application process if you have served your sentence.
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