What is my assignment asking me to do?

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As an individual contribution to the assignment write a 1,200 word passage explaining why issues of class, gender, race, and ageism, are important for advertisers to consider?

I missed several lessons due to bereavement, but this essay is due this week. I've asked á few people but they all seem to be taking different approaches to the essay. What do you think it's asking me to do? I'm very sorry, English isn't my first language.

Many thanks for your help!
Nikita Verma
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In my opinion, the essay is asking you to look from an advertiser's point of view. If you were an advertiser and had to advertise a certain scheme or product, you would want to make sure that it appeals to your target audience, right? So you would focus on what is important to the section of society you are targeting. At the same time, you would not want to offend the other sections of society. For example, if you were advertising a new walking aid, your target audience would be elderly or disabled people. Ageism means prejudice or discrimination on the basis of a person's age. So while a walking aid is more useful to an old person compared to a young person, you would want to make sure you do not offend the old person. Similarly, there might be products that are gender-, race- and class-specific. Advertisers need to be careful in the way they word, paint or project their product.
I realise 1,200 words is a lot to write on this so perhaps you could highlight certain common issues such as racism, feminism, poverty, etc and then link their relation to an advertiser trying to sell a product.

Hope this helps. Good luck!
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Sorry for the bereavment.

No reason you cant answer this essay. You need to look at the relevant part in the textbook to get an overview. You could ask yourself the following questions.

Overview of

400-500 words
What is an advertiser trying to do?
Why would selecting groups be beneficial? More effective, saves money, greater sales, reaches target audience?
How do they go about doing it? Market segmentation and target audiences.

Then cover each of class gender , race and ageism giving an example advert plus the underlying reasons for the advertiser singling out that market. It could be one big paragraph 600 words or it could be 4 x150 word covering each aspect in turn. It might be selling a product or just public information..

Conclusion recapping above and showing why advertisers do it, the benefits and include the consequences of not doing it.

That would seem straighforward enough. Just keep a simple structure and clear message.

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