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I just got a new job at an events company where I have to wear a lot of costumes. I am a UK size 10 but to make fitting into costumes easier it would ideal for me to get to a size 8. I have quite large hips, leg muscles and chest so these make costumes even harder to fit in. I don't eat any junk food (for mental health reasons), I don't drink, smoke or anything like that. I play for a sports team up to five hours a week and my job keeps me extremely active too.

Any advice would be extremely appreciated xxxx
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All a bit imprecise. Weight loss is achieve by consistent calorie deficit. So you get the old cliche of move more and eat fewer calories.

No idea on your weight or height.

You need to find out your maintenance claories then eat below that.
You need to monitor how much you are consuming by weighing and recording your food intake (anything lese is a guess). Use My fitness pal.
Calories burned from exercise will help that, but its 80% diet.

You already seem pretty active. but if you did 30 mins in the morning and evening at the gym or maybe a workout at home. Try fitness blender.
I'd also suggest doing some weights to increase fat loss. Fat loss will make you more compact and have a better shape, even if you dont los weight. Thats what you really want. Look at some of the stickies on the fitness forums.

Your food you need to cut out the junk and go for complex carbs, good fats, lean protein and veg. That will maximise the chance of avoiding hunger and getting nutrition. 1200 calories a day is the lowest I would go, but it depends on your weiight and height. I imagine 2 sizes is more than a few pounds. You are going to be pushed doing more than 2lbs a week. You will get water loss in the beginning, but its a bit misleading.

If you are disciplined I'd think 1lb a week (notwithstanding water loss) as you dont sound massive and it can be stubborn to move lower down.
2lb a week might be too optomistic.
3lb a week would be quite severe unless you were training and controlling your calories every day.

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