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Common Purpose, a malign force in UK politics watch

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    This is pro-EU body, intimately linked to the EU project. it is, dare I say it, rather sinister.

    I really would advise people to read up on it because it has huge numbers of graduates and influence in this country. There are some associated, thought provoking things to be questioned about the EU too.


    Still, it makes me feel at least come consolation we got out of the EU. This really is the kind of horrible societal influence that peoples all over the world are legitimately rejecting, far from the backward prejudicial movement of silly children it's being portrayed as.

    Seeing as how climate change is getting really serious now, and the political paradigm is changing worldwide, I really think we are reaching the end with things such as this.

    Sounds like paranoid conspiracy tripe to me.

    I don't know which I Find more extraordinary

    That such s msssive conspiracy has remained undetected despite plenty of powerful brexit interests.

    That only a handful of courageous minutemen style freedom fighters like OP have uncovered it from their basements and have no doubt survived numerous assassination attempts

    That such an organisation would be so blindingly incompetent and allowed a referendum in the first place- let allow a site like this to exist.

    That I wasn't offered membership. I would gladly poison the water supply of morons that believe this garbage .

    Yet another boring internet conspiracy theory. I just pity the poor sod who has to answer the deranged, pathetic emails that this organisation must now get several times a day.
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    It's funny isn't it, no organisation or individual can ever be regarded as sinister without it being a conspiracy theory, the classic catch all to insult anyone who questions anything. Why don't we just write the word out of the dictionary.

    It's a kind of end of history stance, an Orwellian world view that authority is beyond moral questions.

    Most of the biggest 'dissent' haters cannot see that they are as bad as the other extreme that they hate so much, there has to be some room for skepticism, scrutiny, awareness of the ills of history, corruption and all, and the people who want to factor all of that out are as bad as the people who turn everything into something malign. They are also authoritarians.

    I believe this country particularly has a huge blind spot regarding it's own problems and corruption.

    In fact, most people are just as ready as me to believe ills of other parts of the world, in fact when it comes to Russia, they are far more ready too. It's really the level of self-satisfaction and moral superiority in England about their own country that grates so much, it drives me the other way.

    I think that I may have stumbled on a way of defeating Common Purpose. Back in 1995 I read Booker and North's book, 'The Castle of Lies'. One of the things that really hit me was that every single local council in the UK had been infiltrated by EU operatives. Local education especially had been targetted. It was fortuitous in a way that I had been hurt teting out a weight shift microlight, and had screws in my back, left leg and kneecap, busted ribs and a colostomy bag which pretty well meant that I was stuck in doors.Spent a lot of time reading and watching TV, especially schools TV. I could not believe the EU propaganda pushed out on every single TV programme that I saw. Booker and North definitely opened my eyes to that one...but back to the idea of stopping CP. The EU plants in our local councils are noe Common Purpose people. EU, Common Purpose is the same thing. Expose these people in every council and we will have them on the run. I have started with my own council, Dartford Borough Council. Looks like a good place to start because it is here that the enemies of John Wedger, of us all and of abused children are the roots of the whole CP child abuse system. I have sent this email, yesterday, to my local councillors, the leader of Dartford Council and my MP....If we all start exposing CP in our local councils we will cause Tony Blair and CP massive damage.....>>>> Mon 01 Jan 2018 12:35:05 PM GMT

    This is an email that sent to my 3 ward councillors, Richard Lees, Bryan Read, and John Hayes with a FYI to Peter Harman, Chair of our Residents Association and KCC Councillor.

    Dear Councillor.....,

    I am very confused and extremely concerned about how Democracy works ,or does not work, in Dartford Borough Council.

    Concerning the relationship between Graham Harris, Common Purpose and Dartford Borough Council I have several questions that I would like put to meetings of Swanscombe and Greenhithe Town Council, and to Dartford Borough Council.

    Please will you tell me how to go about this; to have my questions put to full meetings of both councils so that councillors are aware and can answer my concerns.

    There are 4 points leading me to ask these questions:-

    1) Graham Harris is the Managing Director of Dartford Borough Council.

    2) Graham Harris is also a member of an organisation called Common Purpose, which is registered as a charity.

    3) Common Purpose should not be registered as a charity, because it is a political organisation.

    4) Common Purpose boasts of, among other things, " Operating outside Authority", "Taking power in the post-Democratic era*, and is dedicated to thwarting our democratic choice to leave the EU, namely Brexit.

    Here are two questions I would like answering:-

    1) I understood that Dartford Borough Council staff and employees should be politically neutral as far as carrying out the aims and policies of the democratically elected councillors of Dartford Borough Council.

    How can Graham Harris be a fit and proper person to manage and run Dartford Borough Council when he is a member of Common Purpose, a political organisation which believes in " Operating outside Authority", "Taking power in the post-Democratic era", and is dedicated to thwarting our democratic choice to leave the EU, namely Brexit?

    2) According to the invoice supplied to me by Dartford Borough Council, when I asked for an internal review following an abortive attempt I had made under a Freedom of Information Request, Graham Harris went on a Common Purpose 20.20 course in June 2005.

    This 20.20 course was a very expensive course, costing Dartford residents, £5,463.75, at 2005 prices. The invoice is addressed to Graham Harris in his post of Managing Director of Dartford Borough Council, but was paid for by Dartford Borough Council, not by Graham Harris.

    What is the very expensive Common Purpose 20.20 course? How does this very expensive course benefit Dartford residents?

    When Dartford Borough Council paid this invoice was any scrutiny carried out?

    Who authorised payment of this invoice?

    Who decided to send Graham Harris on this course?
    I ask this question because Graham Harris could not have put himself forward to go on this or any other Common Purpose course.
    To go on a Common Purpose course you have to be invited by an existing Common Purpose member who has been watching you for some time, has a good knowledge of your political views, and considers you suitable Common Purpose material.
    For example, Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, of London's Metropolitan Police is a Common Purpose 'graduate' who acts for Common Purpose by selecting suitable people to send on Common Purpose courses.

    Why was Graham Harris chosen and sent on this course, bought and paid for by the residents of Dartford?

    Did any Dartford Borough Council councillors know that Graham Harris was being sent on this course?

    I look forward to your reply on how to proceed with this matter.

    I have many other questions that I want to ask after receiving answers to these questions.

    Best regards,

    Malcolm Jackson.
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