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    I've recently been applying to jobs left right and centre for a new sales role and I've been relatively frustrated with the lack of response. Then it suddenly hit me; how does a salesman make more sales? He makes more calls. It doesn't immediately mean he has more money in his bank account but he has more opportunity to make sales. By increasing your efforts you increase your chances of finding what youre looking for.

    So every week I would double my efforts, then double them again the next week, and again, and again... As a result I've now applied go around 80 jobs in the space of around 3 weeks and I have job opportunities coming out of my ears. I have a CHOICE of jobs that I could go for because I've applied to so many.

    Also I'm less concerned about going into these interviews and seem incredibly confident because I know I have a load of other jobs lined up behind me. I am coming from a place of abundance and that gives me security, not desperation and uncertainty.

    When people come to me saying theyre frustrated because no one's hiring, or they've not heard back from anyone, or they've tried but no one likes them... I always think to myself it's ********. We come up with so many excuses to cover up the fact that we are in fact lazy and want someone else to do it for us.

    So if youre stuck trying to get a new job in a new career then I would suggest that you try harder. Set yourself a realistic target and then double it. If, after a week you are still not employed, double it again, and again and again until you are employed. I can guarantee that after even a couple of weeks you will have several interviews lined up. Then it's down to you to really nail the interviewing process.

    (By the way, expect to pick the phone up every five minutes to take a call because that's how many companies will be contacting you!)
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    Good for you for creating your own opportunities. Sales is a bit different to graduate schemes, so quantity is not always the answer. pretty good rule of thumb though..

    i like the cut of your jib fella
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